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Final Projects???
Yesi S c
3 years ago
Hi all, I'm looking for some comments from more experienced MBTP families re the final projects. I try to do at least 2 activities for each chapter and find that by the time the final project time is upon us, my children and me are "tired" of the same questions/lessons/etc. I understand that its all practice of some fundamental lessons, but how important would you say it is to do the Final project? anyone not do it? and if so, will I be missing anything if I chose to skip it? Thanks in advance for your comments. Yesi
3 years ago
Hi Yesi! Final Projects are an important part of Moving Beyond the Page. It's a great way to assess how much your child has learned and how they apply those new skills and knowledge. Most Final Projects are designed to allow you and/or your child to choose which option works best for them, and it's usually a fun way to wrap up a unit.
Yesi S c
3 years ago
Thanks Angela, I appreciate your perspective.
Andrea G c
3 years ago
Yesi, we found the same thing. We started with Unit 2 (Sarah, Plain, and Tall) while we were waiting for one of the books for Unit 1 to arrive. The final project for that was planning a party and that felt *completely* overwhelming given that we're in a pandemic and both myself and my son have ADHD and that kind of activity is really hard for us both on a good day. We decided to skip that one because we felt the stress of it would be too much. I can absolutely see the value of the projects and plan to do them as we can. But I also want to be realistic that there's a massive amount of stress right now and if I can't do everything, that's okay. I'm trying to keep my kids engaged and myself sane during this crazy time.
Jocelyn C c
3 years ago
Hello! I am new to homeschooling this year, but I have to say I felt like the final projects for the "Tornado" and "Amazing Weather" units seemed pretty worthwhile, even though they did take a few extra days. Throughout the units, we didn't worry about spelling or handwriting; we were more focused on content and basic paragraph structure, but for the mini-projects, my son took the time to proofread his handwritten drafts (with a lot of help from me) and then type and format them. He took a lot of pride in the finished products, plus I am glad to have a few polished writing samples to hold onto. I also thought videotaping his final weather forecast gave him some good practice in public speaking, and it was fun to share with the rest of the family. We did only do one forecast for that project though, instead of three. I know what you mean about being on the verge of burnout by the end of the unit ;)
Angela D c e
3 years ago
Please also know that there are extra days in the curriculum for papers and projects that go long. Units are meant to take 3 weeks and at 5 days a week, the unit should have 15 lessons. There are often only 13 or 14 days of work to give you some "wiggle room". My daughters will almost always need the extra day for papers!
Andrew L c
3 years ago
I just got my daughter through the projects at the end of Sarah P&T and Multiplication 1. She struggled a little with the math projects to come up with the factors and product examples. She did great on the assignments and learning gates, but the project asked her to recreate the concepts she had learned. She got it together, completed the projects and I think understands the subject better having had to work through it a different way. The project was worth the effort.
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