AGE 8-10
extra materials
maddie C c
4 years ago
Can anyone tell me how many extra materials are needed to complete the curriculum? example composition books?
keith h c e
4 years ago
Hi Maddie,

You can actually see exactly what you will need to complete any of our levels by going to the Getting Started section.

After you select the age level you are interested in, select the link called "Age x-y Shopping List." Here you will find the materials lists for each unit in an age level. Items included in one of the kits have a (kit) designation after them. Other items you will provide.

This is also a very helpful section to have once you own the curriculum. If you are out at Wal-Mart, you can pull this list up on your phone to make sure you have everything that you need.

Let me know if you need anything else.

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