AGE 11-13
Egypt and Mes timeline and cards
Jeff P c
3 years ago
Hello, with the backorder on supplies we are making due with printing off the activity pdfs and I bought the text books. One thing I'm struggling with is the timeline cards and the timeline. I can have my son make the cards if I knew what they were supposed to look like. Also, is the timeline just a sheet of paper that he'll place these cards on in order? Would love some feedback. Thank you.
Angela D c e
3 years ago
The timeline is printed on card stock and has holes punched in them. It spans from pre-3500 BC to 1800 and is 66 pages long. Additionally, the timeline cards are color coded for each civilization so that you can see what was happening in different parts of the world at the same time. I would encourage you to wait for the supplies to come in. They are not essential to have immediately and your child can go back in and add the Egypt cards when they come in. This would be a VERY difficult item to recreate on your own.
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