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Carolyn L
San Leandro, CA
My twins got into UC Berkeley and full rides to private schools and they have used Moving Beyond the Page (Our charter school funded it). I have homeschooled them since 4th grade. I homeschooled older kids too and they just graduated college (University of Arizona and Cal State East Bay). I have a strong sense of what is needed to get into a decent college. The kind of critical thinking asked in this curriculum is required for higher education. My 16 years old daughter who was special ed (I thought she was going to be a trade school kid or straight to career) did one year of Moving Beyond the page and bumped her into college prep classes and now is on college track if she so chooses. Her global perspective grew widely in that one year along with her reading, writing and critical thinking skills. My 10 years old son on the spectrum and adhd is now able to understand a simulation of the stock market and read stock market articles on the internet along with being able to write a well thought out paragraph or two. It has been a long journey for him. My 7 years old diagnosed with autism, apraxia and epilepsy and was not talking until he was 5 is starting to read and can discuss and ask questions about a wide variety of topics regarding different types of animals and the ecosystems or the plot or characters of a story. It took us over three years to get the preschool program done but we plowed through it. Of course it was not done without the help of speech, ot and resource and other supplementary activities and curriculum but Moving Beyond the Page is our foundation. Even if you choose to use parts of Moving Beyond the Page or use it one year or one concept, it will give you an idea of the kinds of questions to ask when reading a book, the type of activities to stimulate the mind of a child on a topic, the kind of writing that is expected at a certain level and the type of books they should be reading. I choose to use it fully because I do not have the time to reinvent the wheel constantly. Some people are good at planning lessons and units. Not me. I tend to want to do everything and overwhelm myself and the kids and we end up getting little done in the end. This program comes with everything. The lessons, activities, books and even some of the supplies. It is like a private school education with additional hands on activities at a fraction of a cost which is an average of $88 a month. You seriously cannot beat that.