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Difference in rigor 11-13 and 12-14

Chrystal L
I have a gifted rising 7th grader who attended private school last year for 6th, and public prior to that. I did the placement tests and he should be in 12-14. The course content of 11-13 probably follows what he did last year better as far as time periods for SS, science subjects. Is 12-14 much more rigorous? My son wants to do 12-14 because he doesn't want to feel like he is going backward, but I don't want him to miss the subject matter covered in 11-13. We would likely use MBTP for 8th grade and he would go back to private/public high school.
Angela D
La Grande, OR
Technically, the Age 11-13 level is our seventh grade curriculum and the Age 12-14 is eighth. There is not a great deal of difference in the rigor of those two grades as they were developed together. They are made to survey the major topics that will come in high school. In science, the Age 11-13 covers earth sciences and physics and the Age 12-14 covers chemistry and biology. In social studies, the Age 11-13 covers World History and 12-14 US History.