AGE 4-5
Die cut dinosaur puzzle
Carolyn L c
7 years ago
In theory great idea but it's hard to put together and doesn't stay together and ended up frustrating son. My husband and I and 14 yrs old daughter trying to rig it with glue. Not working
Carolyn L c
7 years ago
We are taping it now and it seems better and I think we are missing a tail. So we are making a copy of the tail that was sent to us so we have two tails to hold the thing together. We making a copy by tracing the tail on construction paper and cutting it out. Will post when we get it to finally works. Now we have the 12 yrs old on it while my son who is supposed to be doing this ran off to play with younger brother. Maybe balsa wood would be better with this kit.
Sonia L c
7 years ago
I agree! This is a great idea, however very difficult to put together, especially with a five year old! The pieces keep falling off and we cannot get it to stand up. Will try taping it but I think balsa wood would have worked better.
Cherie K
6 years ago
I cannot locate the instructions for completing this puzzle. Does anyone know where we might be able to find them online? They were not included in our materials packet
Michelle F c
6 years ago
The instructions were not in the materials packet...They are in the student activity pages.
kimberly p c
6 years ago
Did you check the ideashare? I know it's not the same, the included one in theory should work. I did post a simple $5 3D puzzle that moves in ideashare and since then have found a $5 plastic bone models (in puzzles or Dino toy section 4 different types of Dino) at walmart that work. I actually burried the bones and let the kids pretend to be archeologists taking notes on location found and cleaning the "bones" carefully and then put the model together. I should have taken pictures and added it to ideashare but didn't even think of it.
Dianna P c
5 years ago
Love the idea on a Dino dig!
Dianna P c
5 years ago
(no comment provided)
Carolyn L c
4 years ago
I can't believe we just did the miserable 3d dino puzzle with the next child. And just saw this option of a dino dig. We have several dinosaur-like projects like these.We will do a few more to make up for the frustration of the dinosaur puzzle.
Zoe O c
4 years ago
We used hot glue to get it to stay together and it is still around our house 2 years later. He has permanent residence on the top of our bookshelf and my daughter will not part with him.
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