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Erica C
Vienna, VA
I am new to homeschooling and I am trying to select quality boxed curriculum for my boys who are 9 and 11. Both do well in school but are not gifted. We are currently living in VA and will be moving overseas soon. No package seems to offer everything that clearly says "yep, this is it"... I have narrowed it down to Calvert, Oak Meadow, and MBTP. I really like MBTP but wish they offered evaluations and testing for accountability purposes like Oak Meadow or Calvert. Can someone who uses MBTP and who also lives overseas and does not want to rely on portfolios, tell me how they handle accountability for state requirements?
I thank you in advance for any response.
Keith H
College Station, TX
Hi Erica,

We used to live in NC, and while were there we had the same requirement to submit the results of a standardized test to the state. Two good options for this are the Woodcock Johnson and the ITBS. I believe that we used to take the Woodcock Johnson test. There are testing services that can proctor these exams all over the state. If you come back to the states at any point during the year, you can schedule the test then. I am not sure how they would handle international proctoring of the exam.

Hope this helps.

Erica C
Vienna, VA
Thank you for your response Keith.
Mary L
Berryville, VA
I live in VA also. I have used Seton Testing ( every year for end of year testing. There is an online version of the Terranova/CAT survey test that you can use starting in 3rd grade. This may be an option for you to submit results to your county.
Rachael W
Woodstock, GA
Hi Erica, if you have a minimum of a bachelor's degree, you may sign up as a "tester" for your own children for the several standardized tests (ITBS, Stanford and CogAT, etc.) through Bob Jones University ( You may order any of these tests from them throughout the year and return them to the University for full evaluation. So, even if you are living overseas, you may order these tests and give them to your children wherever you are living.
Delilah M
Fort Rucker, AL
Are you military? If can enroll them in the DOD school there without them attending and they can still take the tests that the school offers. That's what I'm doing in Korea. :)
Heather P
Porter, TX
If you live overseas, you do not follow the laws for homeschooling in your state. You follow the laws of the country you are in.