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Debater for Tuck Everlasting project

Brenda C
Looking ahead at the curriculum for Tuck Everlasting... No test only the final project, which is a debate. Anybody out there on the same curriculum or interested in revisiting the debate portion? I have an 11 year old girl that would love to meet somebody using the same curriculum. We could Skype or FaceTime. I was looking at having the debate around Jan 23-24.
Denise P
Mckinney, TX
We are not at this level, but this could be an issue with the current covid situation. Perhaps these types of activities could be done via zoom or similar platforms. But I wonder if there are other activities possible... Can MBTP review?
Angela D
La Grande, OR
There is an online Facebook group full of parents who use this curriculum. It is not a company site but one that was created by an individual. There have been many matchups for this project online over the years that were arranged through this group. They have always been remote as there are parents in that group with kids all over the country and the world.