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considering homeschooling

Heather s
I'm considering homeschooling my 2 sons (10yo & 12 yo diagnosed gifted/ADHD). Quarantine has been good for them and they have enjoyed the quiet of working at home. But the materials were provided by school. MOving forward, I love the looks of MBTP but wonder if its possible to do with both of us parents working full time. Is anyone doing this and able to offer suggestions or tips? Thanks!
Angela D
La Grande, OR
This can be done but it will depend on how independently your children will work. At these upper levels, the curriculum is addressed to the student and my two daughters will often work completely independently. There is a parent overview in the back of the books that will tell you what you need to review with your kids, the answers to any questions, and rubrics for evaluating projects and papers. You will need to take time with each of them daily to review their work and answer questions to make sure they are learning what they need and progressing well. I, personally, feel that math takes more of my time as it is much more difficult to teach without some one-on-one interaction. Also, I need to review the math concepts myself to be an adequate teacher. It will be hard and take time/work but if your entire family is on board with this decision, it can certainly be done.
Carolyn L
San Leandro, CA
This might sound nuts but with two kids (10 and 7 on the spectrum, adhd and other issues) doing MBTP and both of us working or one of us in school, I have hired college students ($15 an hour if they did not graduate from college yet) to help lead the lessons online (since Covid) when I cannot or the other family members cannot. They somehow cover math (Saxon math for one, MBTP math for the other, Ela, science and history in about an hour and half to two hours a day. I just send them the pics of the lessons via text. Then the kids each have an Ipad and either have the college student lead discussions etc via Skype or Facetime. I provide all the books needed on their desks. We look ahead and see if any supplies are needed beforehand. It is expensive but I am waiting for the day they can do this more independently. My 10 years old has severe adhd so it will be awhile. He just needs someone next to him to remind him to get back to work and pick up the pencil he dropped a million times. Or take away or remind him to stop touching something he is fiddling with. (Mind you, my son has chased away 5 tutors in two months. Finally we had to start Adhd meds but he still sends his tutor into frustrations on some days).

Your average or gifted child may not need all this. In fact we used the tutor enough in the curriculum that my 10 years old son gets the routine that he might be able to handle the curriculum on his own. He is still at the 7-9 level and the curriculum doesn't "talk" to him yet. So I would still need to have discussions and give directions. I might try having him do the next level on his own in the fall and see what happens. I may try leading the discussions, review questions and just have the tutor do the activities/projects with him.