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Close in age siblings

Emily F
Gig Harbor, WA
Hi there-
I have 6.5 year old twins and a 4.5 year old. The twins are possibly gifted (one in reading and the other in math) and the little one is not far behind. We completed the 4-5 year program last year. The twins were able to do some of the activities somewhat independently while I helped the 4 year old. She was able to complete all of the activities with the exception of the handwriting workbook pages. She did the alternate activities that involved constructing the letters but didn't involve writing with a pencil. My question is what program to do with my youngest for this next year. I think she would be terribly bored repeating the 4-5 year program although she didn't complete every activity from that year. But if I go ahead and move all of them forward to the 5-7 year program I feel like she will always be doing a program that is a little above her level. I feel like she is probably a year behind them/ not 2. Thank you for your help!