Changing the order of concepts
Sara B c
1 years ago
I'm looking at purchasing a nine week package of the 5-7 curriculum to try out MBTP with my 5 & 7 year old daughters. I'm wondering if it is imperative that I begin with Concept 1 (Environment) or if I could start with Concept 2? I noticed in the samples for Concept 1 that one of the units is all about Fall and that just wouldn't fit the time of year for us, so I'm wondering if I can start in a different concept and later come back to Concept 1 at that time of year without really throwing our learning out of wack.
Angela D c e
1 years ago
You can do the concepts out of order. There is some continuity with the language arts skills but at this young of an age, I don't think you will notice much difference. Enjoy!
Sara B c
1 years ago
Wonderful, thank you!
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