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Canadian Orders?

Heather D
New Maryland, NB, Canada
Just curious since I don't see a "shipping" information page...

Do Canadian orders count as "international" and thus need to be faxed? Or can we order directly online? If so, is the 'estimated shipping' in my cart already noting that I'm in Canada (I'm not sure that it would know this, however) - - if not, then will it be updated when I do checkout, or is it revised later? What should I expect shipping costs to Canada to be?

Keith H
Linton, ND
Hi Heather.

Our shipping charges to Canada are different than those to the lower 48 states of the US. The difference consists of a 15% shipping surcharge. This surcharge is not yet reflected on the purchase page of our website, but will be applied after the order has been submitted as a separate charge to your credit card.

We are starting to get more international (especially Canadian) orders, so hopefully we will be able to get this updated on our website soon.

Let me know if you have more questions.

- Keith
miranda b
Does anyone know if you need to pay duty when ordering to Canada? If so, how much for the full package?
Angela D
La Grande, OR
Yes, Miranda, you do have to pay duty and taxes in Canada on the arriving shipment. You can estimate these charges online at the Canada Border Services Agency website (