CAD training curriculum for aspiring Engineers or Architects
Jarrall F
8 months ago

I'm a retired certified Industrial Technology teacher in Texas.  I've been teaching Drafting and computer-aided design for nearly 40 years.  I'm in the process of developing an online curriculum for homeschooled students.
I'm looking for parents to discuss this and get some feedback to find out if I'm on the right track or if there just isn't an interest in such a curriculum.  If you are interested, start a discussion to help me see whether or not I'm wasting my time!

Tabitha K
8 months ago

I'm super interested in a cad homeschool option!

Mother of 4, electrical engineer.

The only cad work I've done is assisting them tinkercad and my own circuit design cad work. I'd like to go further with them

Jarrall F
7 months ago

Hello Tabith K,

I would love to have your input!  I don't know how this forum works.  Some don't let you share emails for private information. If you will give me a friend request on Facebook, we can chat further there.  Look for Jerry Ford

I appreciate any input or help I can get.

Jarrall (Jerry) Ford

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