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Buying units as you need them

Kirsty H
To save money does anyone buy the v units as you go? Eg. 7-9. How much of the curriculum pkg is necessary to buy to start off with for 6 weeks?
Angela D
La Grande, OR
Each unit takes three weeks to complete. It would depend on your age level and what subjects you want to cover how to purchase 6 weeks worth. At the Age 4-5 level, the whole year is in one package. At the Age 5-7 and 6-8 levels, you can only purchase by quarter (9 weeks of schooling) for language arts, social studies and science, and by semester for math (18 weeks). At the Age 7-9, 8-10, 9-11, and 10-12 levels, you can buy two units of language arts and the corresponding science and social studies units to cover six weeks at a time. And at the 11-13 and 12-14 levels, you can buy 2 units each of language arts, social studies and science to cover six weeks of learning. At those two upper levels, you can only purchase science kits by semester (18 weeks) so you would need to purchase those at the beginning and mid-year to have all the needed supplies.