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Assigning grades and report cards
Alexa E c
3 years ago
This is my first year homeschooling, my son is in first grade and our state requires report cards every 9 weeks. They don't have to be turned in, but should be kept with the child's portfolio.

How do you go about doing this with the set up that MBTP has? Do you assign an overall grade for LA/SS/S and then another grade for math?
3 years ago
One of the authors wrote a recent blog post about this issue.
Alexa E c
3 years ago
Yes, I saw that, but it didn't really answer my question in regards to dividing subjects for a report card. Thank you though.
3 years ago
You may want to look at what your state requires and then go from there. If they require grades for each subject, then I would assign grades accordingly by picking out what assignments I would grade and for what subject. You can pick out the different in S and SS fairly easily and you have a bit of latitude on what you call LA since it's literature based, but those assignments will likely stand out as well.

If your state does not require that, then I would just grade it per Unit or whatever makes sense to you.
Angela D c e
3 years ago
There are a lot of great templates online that you can find by searching Homeschool Report Cards. I used one that covered the entire year but broke it down by quarters as well. I often feel like any grade I give my child is invalid since I am their parent; but sometimes situations force you to create these documents (Homeschoolers do have to create a "transcript" for high school for college applications). If this is simply a hoop to jump through in the rare case that you are audited. I wouldn't spend too much time on it.
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