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Kaylee B
I am considering homeschooling my 5 year old son who would be going into Kindergarten. I like the look of your curriculum very much but being very new to this type of schooling have a few questions regarding assessments and how they are handled with your curriculum. Some online sites offer online assessments and reporting. How does that work with this curriculum? Do I give assessments? If so what criteria do I use? Are there assessments included in the hard copy curriculum? Any and all guidance is very much appreciated.
Angela D
La Grande, OR
Teaching, Recordkeeping, and Testing
We are a curriculum company and do not provide a teacher, recordkeeping, or standardized testing for your child. When you homeschool, the responsibility for those three tasks fall on the parent/teacher. The requirements for such can differ from state to state and we encourage you to use your state Department of Education website or the Homeschooling Legal Defense Association to ensure that you are meeting the standards in your particular state.

Our curriculum does not include tests until the Age 8-10 level and not in every unit until middle school (Age 10-12 and up). There are daily math quizzes and weekly spelling quizzes available, but those are intended for review, not assessment. We find that the papers and projects created at the end of each unit make great work samples for review and evaluation if necessary.

There is guidance for parents within the curriculum such as discussion prompts, answers to questions or problems, and rubrics for evaluation of your child's papers or projects. Additionally, we provide a customer service email ([email protected]) and phone line (888-316-8242) to assist with questions that you may have while homeschooling your child.