Asperger and MBP
Maria G
10 years ago
My son is a 10 year old with Asperger's Syndrome. He is gifted in reading wich is not a problem. The really hard situation comes with writing. I do not know in which level start with MBP. Also, he is very visual..does the books for reading are colorful with pictures or they are plain text? Because he loves pictures on what he is reading, but he also read plain text.

Thank you
Carolyn B c
I would recommend the 8-10 level as long as your son doesn't think the book selection is too young for him. My son has been doing MBTP for 3 years and has always struggled with writing (though his reading has always been accelerated), that is until about a year ago when it literally suddenly clicked (with thanks to MBTP). He is enrolled at Columbia Virtual Academy, where MBTP is a one of their approved and highly-recommended curricula. He turned 13 in June and is now in 7th grade, and he is doing the 11-13 level; this level is considered 7th grade by his virtual school. Remember that the age levels at MBTP range from very advanced, to very proficient, to average grade level; so the 8-10 level would be appropriate for a gifted 8-year-old, proficient 9-year-old, and average 10-year-old. MBTP is a very challenging and intellectually stimulating fun program and we have never found any part to be "dumbed down," so I wouldn't worry too much that your son will think it's too simple for him. I also suggest you email MBTP directly with your concerns. I have found them to be extremely responsive and helpful whenever I have had questions. Hang in there and good luck!
Maria G
10 years ago
Thank you so much! I was thinking the same about the 8 to 10 level. He loves reading and the level is not a problem. I also hope that my son take that further step in writing. I am glad to to know that this curriculum is highly recommended and I think it is going to be great for my son.

Thanks again
Lauralei C c
10 years ago
My son also has aspergers and he is 8 years old. We opted to go with the 6-8 level and he seems to be enjoying it. At this point we are using it as a supplement. The writing assignments are just right. Not too much pressure. He reads ahead of grade level but needs more help in comprehension and writing. It was good to start with the lower grade level. There are some things that are review for him but I really see him taking what he learns from MBTP and transferring it to other areas of his life.
Maria G
10 years ago
Hello Laura. I appreciate your comment. I am going to start with a lower grade level, I think that will be the best alternative for my son. He also needs more help on writing, so starting in a lower level will be a smart beginning.

Thank you,
Mary M c
10 years ago
My son is 6 and also has Aspergers and I have been struggling with trying to decide which curriculum to use next year (when he will be 7). He is very advanced in reading and comprehension and can read anything his 8 and 10 year old siblings can, but he also really struggles with writing and prefers books with pictures and less words on a page even though he is capable of reading plain text chapter books. I think he will probably need the 6-8 level because 7-9 would be more writing than he can do. I hope its the right choice, any advice is welcome!
keith h c e
10 years ago
Hi Mary,

Thanks for your note. It sounds like you are making the right decision by going with the Age 6-8 level. The Age 7-9 level starts off in the first week teaching kids how to write a structured paragraph. If your son would struggle with this, then sticking with Age 6-8 would be better. The Age 6-8 level also includes picture books instead of chapter books. If your son decides during the year that he want to read more complex books, you can still provide that to him for additional reading. Jumping into a curriculum that requires it before he is ready may proved to be a difficult year for both of you.

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

Tabitha S
4 years ago
Wow this thread is exactly what I needed. I was struggling with the same exact issue. My almost 10 yo son tests into middle/high school levels for reading and comprehension, but outright refuses to write still. I’m going to get him Dragon Dictation, because I have no idea where his writing ability is at.
Elisabeth N c
2 years ago
My son will be 10 this summer and be in grade 5. He is smart but has a lot of sensory issues and hates writing. We waited and hoped it would pass but it has not. We had been using BookShark for 3 years and when I happened upon this curriculum I was amazed. Now don't get me wrong, the amount of writing freaked me out. I just knew he wouldn't do well. We talked with Angela in customer service for so long and finally bought a unit in 8-10 and 7-9. He likes the style and we are doing really well in the 7-9 unit thus far. My son and I talk a lot during class work and I asked him if he could do this full time and he said "Heck yah!" We will be doing the 8-10 even though he gets most of what they want but I think it will boost his confidence and get him writing. He also wants to do all year instead of the regular 36 weeks. That boy of mine always amazes me. I'm so happy we talked about it with him and let him choose this time.
As for Aspergers, I know my family has a history of it just not sure about our son but I can connect with what you all are saying.
Angela D c e
2 years ago
I am not sure which Angela you spoke to...our customer service line is answered by two Angelas..but this made me smile. I am so glad the curriculum is working well for you!!
Elisabeth N c
2 years ago
Thank you. We just ordered the whole thing today. He is so excited.
2 years ago
I'm so excited for you, Elisabeth! It's a wonderful feeling to know you've found something that clicks with your child. -Especially when dealing with different types of learners. Don't hesitate to call us again if needed.
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