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Apraxia/auditory learner

Joy S
Hello, I have a 2E son with apraxia. Obviously there is a good amount of reading and I expect that he will do some independently. However, due to his vision issues and apraxia reading quickly becomes tiring for him. However, he has an AMAZING ability to comprehend and retain information given auditorily. Does MBTP have any information on how I could offer the reader books in audio format? I love reading to him but also homeschool two other boys with special needs and I don't want to hold him up waiting for me to read to him.
Angela D
La Grande, OR
We don't have anything specifically to assist you but can tell you that many of the language arts readers can be found on Audible (especially at the Age 7-9 level and above). Finding the social studies and science books may be more difficult as most of these are only in hard copy and would have to be read aloud. I imagine you are more aware than I about assistive devices that you could use, but you may want to consider something like this...
Carolyn L
San Leandro, CA
Take turns reading and I second Audible. Some libraries have a free version. There is another cheaper version but I just stick with Audibles. I bought an MP3 player on Amazon to download the stories and they listen to their stories before going to bed so they don't access anything on the Ipad. I also have a child with Apraxia.