AGE 5-7
Am I doing it right?
Cassie M c
3 years ago
Hi, we are new to MBTP and new to homeschooling. I am wondering what a normal homeschool day looks like for other parents who are teaching in the 5-7 level. As of right now, I am doing 1 lesson a day in Changes. As well as 1 lesson a day in Math. My son loved preschool. He tells me everyday how he doesnt like homeschool. Am I teaching too much at once? Does anyone else teach only 1 lesson a day? I worry that I am putting a bad taste in his mouth about learning. Any and all help/suggestions are appreciated.
3 years ago
Hi Cassie! MBtP Age 5-7 is set up to work just as you're doing it. One lesson per day in the LA/SS/S and one lesson per day in Math. Is he frustrated with the subject matter or just doesn't like sitting and working?

I found my kids at that age did best when we worked in shorter time periods. At first I tried to get ALL the schooling done at once so we could move on with our day, but my youngest especially liked to do some work, play, do more work, have a snack, etc. She ended up retaining much more that way and we didn't struggle with "the wiggles" as we call them. So maybe try breaking up the day a bit.

There are several activities in each lesson, so breaking them up at age 5-7 is definitely something I would try. Little brains get tired, little fingers and hands get crampy.
Cassie M c
3 years ago
Thank you so much for your insight! We have been breaking it up into 2 segments. One subject before noon, the other subject after noon. With a lot of interruptions from little sister. I think today we will try using your advice and break it down more by doing 1 given task then a break.
There are days he finds the topic interesting and does well, and others not so much. He definately would rather learn about dinosaurs and animals all day long :)
I think he can sense my uncertainty about the entire thing, and I am sure that doesnt help. We are missing quite a few items that are on backorder,and i think that will help to have everything here. As I can only imagine the craziness these people are going through trying to get everything to everyone. Thank you again.
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