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Alternative to Thousand Paper Cranes?

Shelly B
Cary, NC
My PG daughter is extremely anxious, particularly about anything health related. Her therapist has recommended against her reading Thousand Paper Cranes due to the discussion of cancer. Is there another fiction book anyone can recommend about Japanese culture? The reading level can be much higher than the 8-10 curriculum; I'm concerned about content.
Lynne K
Marietta, GA
I don't know if it will fit the same bill as the Paper Cranes book... but I googled Children's books on Japanese culture, and this one looked like something I'd get my 10 yr old to read. It's called "My Awesome Japan Adventure: A Dairy about the Best 4 Months Ever!" by Rebecca Otowa.
Debra B
Stamford, CT
How My Parents Leaned to Eat by Friedman is a picture book, but it's a lovely story about Japanese and American culture. Give that one a look.