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Age 11 - 13 Sem.1/Unit 5 Independent Study

Betty R
Hello all MBTP users. I needed to share because while this curriculum is sometimes hard, its great to watch our children love to learn!!! This is our 1st year homeschooling and my 11yr old daughter is loving this curriculum. There are days that I need to pull her away from the units because she gets so involved. I must say that this Independent Study Unit has taken off great. While challenging, she is loving that she can do research and understands how rewarding it is. I am loving watching her grow but the fact that she glows when figuring things out in this unit is truly a blessing!. I know we all have hard days, and some units are tougher than others but days like these make it all worth while. Good Luck to everyone, BLESSINGS!!!!!
Angela B
College Station, TX
These are the moments that make homeschooling worth all the effort. I'm so glad to read you're having a great day!