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advanced third grader and a high schooler

Erin S
I came to this forum because another mom is talking wonders about this program. I am the mother of a third grader who is advanced (so the 8-10 yr old package seems perfect and I think I am buying it) but I see the high school materials are incomplete. Are there any plans to add mathematics materials to the high school curriculum?

My high school son is taking some other online resources online, which are good, but I have heard so many wonders about this program that I would honestly hope to get something from here too.

- Erin
Angela D
La Grande, OR
We are continuing to develop math through 8th grade. Our sixth grade (Age 10-12) level is due out this coming summer. There are long term plans to develop high school curriculum but it is not being worked on at the moment so I do not have any concrete dates for their release. We do have some suggestions on what to do in high school and would be happy to discuss them with you directly. You can call anytime from 9am to 5 pm Central time Monday-Friday at 979-314-9938. We are also preparing for an online discussion/presentation on how to homeschool high school as this is a common request from our parents.
Kate F
Vriginia Beach, VA
I would highly recommend Saxon Math (For whichever level math your high schooler is at). We are first-year homeschoolers and my 12 year old 6th grader was slated to be enrolled in pre-Algebra this year at her public school. I walked into a local homeschool curriculum store and asked for guidance (after I saw about 15 different math curriculums on the shelves. Yikes!). Saxon math came highly recommended. And after using it for over half the year we are extremely satisfied. If teaching math is not your thing then you can also purchase a subscription to 'Nicole the Math Lady' who has videos for almost every Saxon math level there is as well as guided practice videos. I started using the math videos when my husband's job changed and he didn't have time to teach her math lessons any longer. It's great! Long story short- there are math resources everywhere you look! :D And we are LOVING MBTP!!!!