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Age 8-10 notify me

8-10 Answer Key

Finley S
Wausau, WI
Hello, this is our first year with moving beyond the page and the 8-10 curriculum. I can see there are instructions and answers for us parents in the prep of the lesson. However, are there answers anywhere for the activities? For instance, we are answering Lesson 3 Activity 2 about the chores/responsibilities of Ma, Pa, Laura, and Mary but since I don't read this with him and he's unsure about a few of the answers, how do I help him without taking the time to read the whole book? At this point we are working on his little bit of independence.
Angela D
La Grande, OR
The answer "key" for the Age 7-9 and 8-10 levels are within the curriculum book. At those two ages, we are transitioning students to working more independently so you will find the answers in each lesson. The intention is that the parent would sit down with their child to start the lesson and do the reading together. From there you would review the activities for the day then hand the book/online access over to the child to complete independently. I do see that this activity does not have a lot of parent information and I will let the writers know that we may need to add more parent guidance in this section for you.