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4th grader who started 9-11 ELA curriculum

Perla L
I am a first time homeschooler and just realized I started my son last October (2020) on the 9-11 years old curriculum, which is for 5th grade level! I am wondering if I can or have to use the same curriculum for next year! Also, I a worried I (unintentionally) put my son on a higher level and I am realizing (maybe) that's the reason why he struggles completing the lessons and struggles a little with some concepts. Please help and advice.
Hi! You may want to call our curriculum specialists at 888-316-8242 to discuss some options. You can always stretch the 9-11 year out, buy a couple of Age 8-10 concepts to get through the rest of the year, or something else. We don't want him to be frustrated. There is a bit of a jump between the Age 8-10 which is still parent/teacher-led and Age 9-11 which is where we switch to student-led curriculum books.

You can also email us at [email protected] with any questions or concerns.
Rebecca A
Deerfield, IL
I did the same with my son, also in fourth grade, just turned 10, and we work together a bit, adjust some of the activities if necessary, but I have found the content to be more engaging for his age level than the younger set of curriculum. He is a bit advanced, but also has to be pulled along a bit as he is not always a "go getter"!
Sara C
Portland, OR
When did you begin homeschooling?