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Age 8-10
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Many errors and typos
comments: 4 | views: 1425 | last updated: 7/10/2017
In the assigned book, "Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts," on page 11, it erroneously states that Kennedy was the youngest president. In fact, it was Theodore Roosevelt. Kennedy was 43, but Roosevelt was 42. There should be a note . . .
Oregon Trail Won't Run :(
comments: 3 | views: 2962 | last updated: 7/2/2017
We've followed the 'do this if you have a newer computer' insert and it still won't run. Each time we double click the file we get an error message [Cannot locate "OregonII.DAT"] I have Windows 10 and a fairly new Lenovo laptop. Anyone else . . .
Error in Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH, Lesson 7: The Capture
comments: 3 | views: 1140 | last updated: 6/5/2017
The lesson on acronyms includes many examples of initialisms, and erroneously calls them acronyms.
Get Well Card Activity - Highly Insensitive
comments: 1 | views: 1056 | last updated: 5/30/2017
8-10 Concept 3 - Language Arts Unit 1: Stories from Africa and Asia, Lesson 10: Kenji - Activity 2 I can understand why a lot of people would think this would be a kind thing to do, but it is actually highly insensitive to send get well cards to p . . .
Dirt & Plants Lesson 1 Materials
comments: 1 | views: 1212 | last updated: 11/30/2016
Are we supposed to use a combo of grass and the other misc seeds when doing activity 2, experimenting with soil?
Europe- Lesson 4 Colonization and Immigration
comments: 1 | views: 1494 | last updated: 10/5/2016
I am confused on activity 4. They are supposed to put the exports of things on the 13 colonies. Where are we to get that info from?
Age 8-10 does it get difficult as it progresses?
comments: 1 | views: 1934 | last updated: 2/6/2016
Does this level, Age 8-10 get harder as it progresses? I am considering purchasing it for my twins who are 8 years old and are reading grade 4/5 grade books. They are both fairly good writers in terms of sentence structure, grammar and can easily wri . . .
comments: 2 | views: 2181 | last updated: 5/11/2015
My youngest son is really enjoying the books and projects from MBtP. He is ten now, and we're just now half way through level 7-9. The reason for this is moving...lots and lots of moving in a short period of time. From the time he was 6 until now we' . . .
Multi-Level Use
comments: 1 | views: 2085 | last updated: 5/3/2015
Hi! I have a gifted 9 year old and I also have a 6 year old. I am looking to get the 8-10yr for my 9 year old. Is this something that I can also use the science/social studies and the Read Alouds with my 6 year old? We have always done those subjects . . .
Early Explorers
comments: 5 | views: 2371 | last updated: 4/28/2015
I have found Explorers Who Got Lost to be too difficult of a read for my 9/10 year old. I think it's more appropriate for a middle or high school student. I went to the library and had much more success with the Famous Explorers series. You can get b . . .
Must Science and Social Studies be combined?
comments: 2 | views: 2084 | last updated: 4/24/2015
I need to know if it is pertinent, for the full understanding of the lessons, to have both science and social study sets at this age level. This year I decided to stick only with LA and Social studies, but ended up purchasing the entire consumable pa . . .
how long does it take for you to prep and prepare a unit
comments: 3 | views: 2448 | last updated: 3/14/2015
I just got the curriculum and reading through it and realizing there is some prep work in terms of getting all the stuff needed and setting it up. Do you give yourself a week to collect everything and start completely? Prep the night before? Prep for . . .
Concept 3, unit 1, lesson 2 vocabulary, option 1
comments: 4 | views: 1549 | last updated: 3/6/2015
Hi, I think there is a mis-print on the vocabulary assignment, option 1. The definition of massive on the worksheet is "hugs" (6, across).
Concept 2, Unit 2, Lesson 2 Youtube video
comments: 2 | views: 1864 | last updated: 1/27/2015
Hi, The "Facts of Congress" Youtube videos aren't at the link provided. It just says "The video is unavailable." Do you have an alternate source to watch these videos from?
Ben & Me pg 17
comments: 3 | views: 1657 | last updated: 1/15/2015
I cannot find a resource with similar colony border configurations as the one in the book. My child is finding this very frustrating. Has anyone else had luck or know what the original reference was?
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Age 8-10