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Age 5-7
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Can't Find Supplemental Literature At Library
comments: 8 | views: 2043 | last updated: 3/28/2015
We just got started with our MBTP 5-7. I did a city wide search of our Library system, the entire city of Las Vegas and surrounding smaller cities/towns, and only 3 of the books from unit 1: Environment are in the system. I have resorted to buying . . .
Spread out over 2 years?
comments: 2 | views: 1727 | last updated: 3/28/2015
I am looking to ease my son into more schooling at home this summer and next school year. He will be 5 in September but has another year before Kindergarten would officially start as the cut-off is 5 by end of August here in MD. He has been in pres . . .
Age 5-7: Concept 4: Change "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"
comments: 2 | views: 2311 | last updated: 9/18/2014
I'm looking at purchasing age 5-7. I was wondering if the Grinch book is scheduled around Christmas time but since it's in concept 4 I'm thinking not. Would this be a great unit to do during a Christmas?
2005 vs 2012
comments: 3 | views: 2267 | last updated: 6/18/2014
What are the differences between editions for 5-7?
ISO Oak Meadow Kindergarten Syllabus
comments: 2 | views: 2550 | last updated: 12/9/2013
Someone in the OM FB group suggested that this might be a good place to look for curriculum. :) Looking for an OMK Syllabus, thank you!!
good fit for non-gifted? (possibly dyslexic/Asperger)
comments: 2 | views: 2982 | last updated: 7/27/2013
I am looking for a packaged curriculum for my daughter who will be 5 in August. (I need the package to pull it all together ;) ). She is currently receiving speech and OT for various concerns and seems to be perhaps dyslexic/mild Asperger.... I alrea . . .
books used in the environment module
comments: 3 | views: 2326 | last updated: 7/24/2013
Greetings! I'd like to get some of the books associated with the 5-7 environment module in advance (I am buying the modules peicemeal) but I cannot find a list anywhere on the website. I see the books for the language unit, but no indication of w . . .
Spelling lists
comments: 3 | views: 2532 | last updated: 4/23/2013
In the "Getting Started" section, there is a link to download weekly spelling worksheets. When I click on it, however, the spelling worksheets that appear are blank. Are there lists of words for each unit in this level, and where would I fi . . .
Supplementary Reading List
comments: 8 | views: 2619 | last updated: 3/20/2013
I purchased the 5-7 Concept 1. Is there supposed to be a supplementary reading list included? In the Note to Parents:How to Use section it mentions optional literature, but I can't find a list of this anywhere. Thanks for your help.
Little Polar Bear for 5-7 habitat assignment.
comments: 1 | views: 1893 | last updated: 12/12/2012
When I saw the assignment for the child to come up with a creative story about an animal that ends up in the wrong habitat and then gets back home, I thought of a book that all my kids have loved: The Little Polar Bear by Hans de Beer. I referenced i . . .
comments: 3 | views: 2002 | last updated: 10/26/2012
I just started the 6-8 range with my son but then decided to also start my daughter in the 5-7 range. I noticed that there is some overlap in concepts such as community between the two age ranges. Is it okay to start my 5 year old in the community . . .
comments: 3 | views: 1859 | last updated: 10/22/2012
Hi, I am doing online curriculum for my daughter. I accidentally activated a unit too soon. I have 50 days left on the unit and, technically, it should start second semester, January 24. I have thought of just doing it out of order. Two chall . . .
Advice on where to Start........................
comments: 3 | views: 1556 | last updated: 10/14/2012
Hello, I have two children whom we will be homeschooling starting this fall, ages 6 and 8. Our 8 yr. old has aspergers and learns visually which has caused him to be able to read and de-code words on a 4th grade reading level. However, his readi . . .
Writing in 5-7
comments: 4 | views: 1595 | last updated: 9/20/2012
How much writing is involved in the 5-7 package? I have an almost 4 year old who is reading. She loves workbooks and projects and can spell many three and four letter words. She writes all the letters but does not yet enjoy writing words for long per . . .
Additional items and books needed for first quarter
comments: 2 | views: 1360 | last updated: 7/30/2012
Hello! I have the 5-7 bundle in my shopping cart, but living overseas it will take a few weeks to get to me after I order. Also, we have no access to a library or craft shops so any additional items and books and recommended resources need to be orde . . .
Age 5-7