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Critical Race Theory Inspired Content
comments: 11 | views: 839 | last updated: 3/18/2023
I purchased the K level materials because I wanted a home school curriculum which was mum with regard to religion and taught unfiltered science without politics. Looking at some of the materials down the line I can't help but wonder if any of this ma . . .
comments: 2 | views: 360 | last updated: 1/7/2023
Is the return process really as simple as they state? My daughter is almost 4 but through everything I am looking at, 6-8 should be easy for her to do. As a single mom though, I am super hesitant to spend several hundred dollars on something that onc . . .
How to access books with online curriculum
comments: 11 | views: 594 | last updated: 10/10/2022
How to I access the books that go along with the online curriculum? Is there a link to a PDF that I am missing?
Standardized testing
comments: 3 | views: 221 | last updated: 8/18/2022
Hello- Im considering jumping to MBTP, however I'm wondering about standardized testing. We live in a state where we have to do standardized tesing. For those of you that used MBTP did you find that your child scored decent on standardized tests? . . .
MBTP- not just for secular homeschool!
comments: 3 | views: 359 | last updated: 8/10/2022
I wanted to take a moment now that we are 1/2 through our first year of homeschooling and 1/2 through our MBTP curriculum to say how much we love this program! We are homeschooling our youngest child (6th grade in the 10-12 year curriculum). I have t . . .
Starting in June
comments: 2 | views: 174 | last updated: 5/31/2022
Hello, this has probably been asked, but my searches weren't finding it - Would it be ok to start MBtP in June or does everything line up better with a Fall start date? Will probably use level 6-8 Thank you!
Changing the order of concepts
comments: 3 | views: 259 | last updated: 12/16/2021
I'm looking at purchasing a nine week package of the 5-7 curriculum to try out MBTP with my 5 & 7 year old daughters. I'm wondering if it is imperative that I begin with Concept 1 (Environment) or if I could start with Concept 2? I noticed in the . . .
Shipping Times?
comments: 11 | views: 2822 | last updated: 9/17/2021
I just pulled my daughter out of public school and have ordered a curriculum only package for ages 6-8. I saw after the order was placed to allow 1-3 weeks to receive the materials? Does it really take this long to receive the package? Does anyone ha . . .
2nd and 5th grades
comments: 2 | views: 285 | last updated: 8/23/2021
I trying to decide what to do in terms of curriculum. I have a 2nd grader and 5th grader, who I want to homeschool due to COVID. My 5th grader has been identified as gifted in reading. My 2nd grader technically hasn't, but reads well beyond grade le . . .
Skipping around in Concepts
comments: 5 | views: 286 | last updated: 7/4/2021
Can I skip around in concepts and not follow the order? So, can I do history before I do climate and weather?
Providing Description of Curriculum for school districts
comments: 2 | views: 296 | last updated: 7/2/2021
We are in the process of submitting our notice of intent to homeschool in VA. I have to submit a description of the curriculum along with a list of subjects our child will be studying this year. Do you just pull the description off the website? What . . .
Choosing between 7-9/8-10 and 4 days a week planning
comments: 4 | views: 428 | last updated: 4/9/2021
Hello! I am strongly considering using MBTP for my gifted 8 year old son. He will be in 3rd grade in the fall. I'm vacillating between 7-9 and 8-10 for him simply because he is a reluctant writer and the jump in writing in 8-10 is intimidating me a b . . .
Sequence of units
comments: 2 | views: 501 | last updated: 9/8/2020
I am considering buying one 9 week unit to try the program. We are homeschooling our fifth grader for the first time due to Covid. He is definitely a hands on learner and needs to be actively engaged so this curriculum seems like a good fit for us. . . .
9-11 package with 3 students
comments: 4 | views: 981 | last updated: 8/15/2020
How does it look with 3 students doing the same package? I get duplicating the consumables/unit books, but what about the readers books. I really don't want 3 copies of each book. Can anyone who has taught multiples shed light on this program and how . . .
Time Commitment? and 1 or 2 programs for 2 kids?
comments: 2 | views: 747 | last updated: 7/25/2020
Hi! My kids are just 6 (grade 1) and just 8 (grade 3). I am going to homeschool them for the first time ever, due to COVID. No learning option has felt right or good until I found MBTP. I am finally feeling excited, inspired, and like I have found t . . .
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