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Welcome to the Moving Beyond the Page Homeschool Community Forum. This is a place for you to connect with other homeschooling parents to share ideas and support. If you are looking for ideas related to specific lessons, be sure and check out IdeaShare — a place for you to share and find ideas for specific lessons.
Age 12-14
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Free Curriculum
comments: 14 | views: 290 | last updated: 8/20/2020
I bought a semester's worth of curriculum for 12-14 year olds a few years ago but we really didn't use it and I'd love to gift it to someone. They would just need to pay for shipping. Everything is in nearly perfect shape.
High School
comments: 45 | views: 4224 | last updated: 5/18/2020
My son will be using 12-14 for part of 9th grade, but where to go from there?! Has anyone found a high school program that is similar to MBtP as far as quality and extent of literature, as well as including numerous hands-on projects? Is it time for . . .
Map of Antebellum America , Day 1
comments: 3 | views: 169 | last updated: 3/3/2020
Hi! We are a little confused about why New York isn't labeled or asked to be colored in. Is there something political that was occurring at that time that we don't understand? We thought it was one of the original 13 colonies...
Map of Antebellum America , Day 1
comments: 1 | views: 155 | last updated: 3/3/2020
Hi! We are a little confused about why New York isn't labeled or asked to be colored in. Is there something political that was occurring at that time that we don't understand? We thought it was one of the original 13 colonies...
Huck Finn question
comments: 2 | views: 918 | last updated: 7/31/2019
I'm looking over this story/unit to plan for the fall. In the first lesson, question two asks about Huck being imprisoned and the answer references Pap and his abuse. This does not correlate with our Huck Finn book. What book is this meant to be used . . .
Lord of the Flies
comments: 4 | views: 421 | last updated: 7/25/2019
I have serious concerns about using this book. Any ideas for replacing it?
Civics Unit
comments: 3 | views: 357 | last updated: 2/19/2019
I am looking at curriculum for next fall. I am wondering if the Civics Unit would cover all the things I remember we had to learn in 8th grade. I remember having to pass a Constitution Test and am wondering how thorough this unit is. I would possi . . .
Antebellum America help please
comments: 6 | views: 484 | last updated: 2/13/2019
I bought the online version of this, planning to use it soon. The first lesson says to watch episode 4 of a DVD? The required items are listed as bead bracelets and A History of US book 5. Can someone who has used this please clarify? Thank you!
High School LA
comments: 1 | views: 365 | last updated: 10/31/2018
Is anyone using the High School LA curriculum. We are new to MBtP, how do you get started? There is no tab on the getting started page for it and I have contacted the company twice and have gotten no response. At this point I can not access any of th . . .
High School Record-keeping
comments: 2 | views: 465 | last updated: 7/16/2018
I'm planning to use 12-14 as a 9th grade curriculum for 2 of my kids, and I've read several discussions on this forum of others having done the same thing. My question is how you keep records for that, and how to award credits for it? We live in a st . . .
Answer key human body test
comments: 2 | views: 523 | last updated: 3/26/2018
It seems like there may be a problem with numbers 10-11 in the answer key for the human body test...maybe I am missing something. Carbon dioxide is the answer in the key to.number 10, but there is no short answer for that number on the actual studen . . .
comments: 3 | views: 1666 | last updated: 3/24/2018
I noticed that there is a book covering evolution in this age group. I'm wondering how the evolution is presented. We are open to learning about many different ideas, but we are Christian and we believe in the Theology of creation.
Timeline Cards
comments: 1 | views: 679 | last updated: 1/24/2018
Hi! We are doing Semester 2, Unit 3, The Great Depression and WWII. Lesson 1, Activity 2 says to add to your timeline of US History. We are using our own timeline and do not have the MBTP Timeline cards. How do we know which figures/date to add? . . .
Chemical Reactions Lesson 7
comments: 1 | views: 643 | last updated: 1/13/2018
Has anyone had success with Activity 1 Part 2 getting the light bulb to light? We were seriously wowed by the reaction and the smell and green color of the products,but could not get enough conductivity to light either the larger light bulb or even . . .
Timeline cards
comments: 5 | views: 991 | last updated: 11/9/2017
Our Revolution lesson 2 southern colonies says that timeline cards are included along with a timeline. I purchased the online curriculum. I don't see an option to print anything out. Did I miss something?
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Age 12-14