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Age 9-11
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Oregon Trail software
comments: 5 | views: 4444 | last updated: 5/31/2022
We went to start the Oregon Trail game today. My son was so excited! We had a MacBook Pro. It should work, but it keeps saying the files are null when I try to start it. Even more frustrating, there is no technical support that I can find to he . . .
Digital Resources for Visualizing Mathematical Concepts
comments: 1 | views: 239 | last updated: 11/29/2021
Interactive and easy to use. Basic Algebra, working with negative numbers, converting fractions to decimals, visualizing two different fractions, factoring....
Lucy Whipple
comments: 3 | views: 566 | last updated: 4/19/2021
Glad we are coming up to the human body unit, as my son was lost when Lucy and Lizzie discuss the Native girl who is experiencing new bleeding time and is sent away from the group. This was unexpected content. Anyone else having some of these moment . . .
SS package Your State
comments: 2 | views: 483 | last updated: 11/19/2020
Looking to purchase the age 9-11 SS package Your State but there are 2 options....what is the difference between SS Package Your State #1013 and SS Unit Your State #450?
Grammatical error in Handy Guide to Writing and Grammar
comments: 2 | views: 983 | last updated: 9/5/2020
On page 5, the heading is "Writers Guide" with no apostrophe. Hey, at least it teaches the concept of irony. :)
Obviously I am not as smart as a fifth grader should be because I am struggling with Language Arts more than he is. What resources, besides the limited parent section in the work book, do other parents find useful for guiding these lessons as well a . . .
Mature content - The View From Saturday
comments: 14 | views: 5568 | last updated: 2/24/2020
Hi, I have been a bit surprised about some of the content of this book. So far we have run into "making love to the same woman over and over", curse word "AS_" , female dog name "B", and mention of a "drunk monk . . .
Moving at a much slower pace
comments: 13 | views: 2148 | last updated: 12/16/2019
We love this curriculum but seem to be moving through it at a much slower pace!Has anyone had this same experience?
Capital Clues Answer Key?
comments: 3 | views: 683 | last updated: 8/28/2019
Hi! This is our first year using the online curriculum. The directions say to refer to the parent answer key for the Capital Clues page, but I can't find the answer key anywhere. I am logged in as myself, not my student. The clue is "This city u . . .
Is 9-11 appropriate?
comments: 2 | views: 883 | last updated: 10/15/2018
I am currently working on 7-9 curriculum with my two daughters, 9 & 10, who would be in 4th & 5th grades. I will be buying new curriculum in December. My 10 y/o is not a strong reader so I will definitely be doing the 8-10 for her. My 9 y/o h . . .
Using 9-11 with 5th grader coming out of public school
comments: 3 | views: 1094 | last updated: 7/4/2018
I have given my son the placement test and it seems this level is appropriate for him in terms of his reading and writing. He has been in public school up until this point and they use a chronological approach to teaching history/ social studies. Som . . .
States Study
comments: 4 | views: 1366 | last updated: 9/20/2017
Hi! We are loving MBTP 9-11 so far! I am wondering if someone can tell me what the pages with the large state names for the southeastern states are for? I can't find anything in the guide that indicates what we are supposed to do with them? Color the . . .
MBTP 9-11
comments: 3 | views: 2457 | last updated: 9/17/2017
Hi, I am starting the 9-11 age level with my daughter in the fall. I was trying to figure out the very first poetry unit as I looked over the curriculum. It says that the students do a lot of the work/reading on their own. I'm a little confused a . . .
Energy Science Kit?
comments: 4 | views: 989 | last updated: 9/4/2017
The description on the website for this item isn't very helpful: This kit contains materials used in activities in the Energy unit. - Sku # 1984 And the image of the contents page is completely unreadable. :( I'm assuming this is a kit of s . . .
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Age 9-11