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Spelling 9-11
comments: 2 | views: 76 | last updated: 8/29/2021
We purchased and received the 9-11 hard copy curriculum for this school year, and while I found the online spelling sheet for practice and printed it, I am wondering where do we get the words? Are they in the actual books? TIA!
Multiple Siblings and Required Materials
comments: 3 | views: 125 | last updated: 7/19/2021
Hi All. We have home schooled for the past 3 years and have historically used Moving Beyond the Page for Literature only. This year I purchased the full year curriculum for our kids. The are close enough in age that they can both do the 12-14 year . . .
High School Levels
comments: 55 | views: 7511 | last updated: 5/24/2021
Do you have current plans to develop and eventually offer high school levels of Moving Beyond the Page? Are there any plans in the works? We'd love to continue on with this awesome curriculum beyond the 12-14 level. MBtP is a perfect fit for our f . . .
Curriculum Development
comments: 4 | views: 258 | last updated: 5/24/2021
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to develop ALL SUBJECTS FOR EACH LEVEL! My kids adore the program as much as I do! My only regret is not pursuing homeschooling earlier, this being our first year. Nothing compares! However, I am worried that we will not . . .
Hello, all. Next year will be our second year homeschooling ; I have an 8, 6 and 5 year old. This year we cobbled together different curriculums and we did a lot of work together as a group. For next year, I bought the 7-9 curriculum for my oldest an . . .
4th grader who started 9-11 ELA curriculum
comments: 4 | views: 277 | last updated: 3/31/2021
I am a first time homeschooler and just realized I started my son last October (2020) on the 9-11 years old curriculum, which is for 5th grade level! I am wondering if I can or have to use the same curriculum for next year! Also, I a worried I (uni . . .
Platform for students to share work?
comments: 4 | views: 144 | last updated: 3/31/2021
Hello everyone, I am looking for a platform where our students can share their writing and other creative work, and perhaps share there capability on this site that I have not found or is there another option that you are using?
Online Curriculum
comments: 5 | views: 271 | last updated: 2/14/2021
I just ordered the 7-9 Math Curriculum and see I have an online option for now. Does the online option include the parent guide as well? Thank you.
Using one level for 2 years
comments: 2 | views: 133 | last updated: 1/29/2021
Has anyone gone slowly through a level to use it for two grades? I did the 4-5 for preschool for my daughter so we are using 5-7 for Kindergarten but we barely started before the holidays since it took so long to ship and were only just now finishing . . .
Introduction & Icebreaker to Connect With Each Other
comments: 9 | views: 248 | last updated: 1/6/2021
Hello, fellow MBTP parents! I thought it might be nice to get to know each other a little bit so here's a thread to help us get to know each other. Some questions to help break the ice: 1. How long have you been homeschooling? 2. Why are you hom . . .
Help with grading.
comments: 4 | views: 6083 | last updated: 9/24/2020
I'm new to homeschool/Mbtp. What is the best approach to grading assignments? I have to turn in a grade for my school. We have the 8 to 10 and 10 to 12.
Wait for Delivery or Start Now??
comments: 2 | views: 369 | last updated: 9/22/2020
Hi.Im brand new to homeschooling due to Covid and haven't ruled out continuing afterwards yet. I have a 3rd grade son that I purchased the 7-9 full year package in early September. I also have a kinder that i purchased a smaller, less intense curricu . . .
ABCDarian Back Orders
comments: 3 | views: 209 | last updated: 9/13/2020
We got our first box today and I knew there would be back ordered items from the blog posts, but one item is the ABCDarian workbooks. I did not see updates on this in the blog and was not certain where I should be looking for updates. Any help is app . . .
finding answer keys
comments: 8 | views: 242 | last updated: 9/11/2020
I was wondering if there are answer keys, either printed or online, for the Literature portion for the 11-13 age level. I'm pretty confident we're getting the gramar questions answered correctly, but I wanted to check some of diagramming sentence st . . .
Signing in for online curiculum
comments: 4 | views: 203 | last updated: 9/10/2020
Hi Parents. We are starting school tomorrow and I can not navigate though the online curriculum. To activate the course, the website is asking for a "teacher's code", but I never received one. We are signed up for 9-11 full curriculum and . . .
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