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Clinton Homeschool Golden Scholar Angels Sports
comments: 1 | views: 105 | last updated: 7/25/2017
Homeschool sports team are looking for cheerleaders, baseball, basketball, football players,and volunteers to participate in our program. We are accepting Athletes from all across the state of Mississippi. For more information contact our Athletic Di . . .
Kindergarten Social Studies
comments: 2 | views: 146 | last updated: 7/16/2017
We are first year kindergarten homeschool. My little girl is 5. Any recommendations that are inexpensive.
Lang Arts Units 10-12 Sequence
comments: 2 | views: 212 | last updated: 6/19/2017
Would you recommend doing Lang Arts units for level 10-12 in sequential order? Do the concepts build on one another or is it OK to go in any order?
Looking for large families that homeschool in the Cortland/Ithaca area.
comments: 1 | views: 160 | last updated: 6/16/2017
We are thinking of moving back to NY after being in KY 10 years. We have been homeschooling 10 years in KY. I know the laws are much more strict with homeschooling in NY and I think I am comfortable with that but my husband isn't on the same page. He . . .
Year round schedule 8-10
comments: 4 | views: 551 | last updated: 3/26/2017
We will be starting the ages 8-10 level. How do we stretch this to last year round schedule? Thank you in advance.
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Different LA abilities?
comments: 1 | views: 7 | last updated: 8/21/2017
My son is starting 8th. Great reader, comprehension, vocabulary etc...... but awful at writing. Hates to write stories, reports, etc. When doing quick writes or journaling I'm lucky to get 4-5 sentences. I have to push for more. Any suggestions? I r . . .
can I print two copies of worksheets with online version
comments: 2 | views: 90 | last updated: 8/2/2017
(no comment provided)
Decisions, decisions...
comments: 6 | views: 512 | last updated: 7/27/2017
Hello- I am new to homeschooling and I am trying to select quality boxed curriculum for my boys who are 9 and 11. Both do well in school but are not gifted. We are currently living in VA and will be moving overseas soon. No package seems to offe . . .
Daily Schedule
comments: 2 | views: 255 | last updated: 7/10/2017
I am considering using MBTP for my 3 kiddos starting next year (they will be 3,6,8) and was wondering if anyone could share their daily schedule with me. I'm trying to figure out how to get everything in in a day and have no idea how to make it wor . . .
Homeschool 11-13 Groups in WV?
comments: 1 | views: 113 | last updated: 7/4/2017
I am interested in mbtp but would to find others in my area that use it. My daughter is 12.
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slower pace?
comments: 2 | views: 440 | last updated: 5/9/2017
Hello, I just started MBTP with my bright but probably not gifted 7.5 year old and my ADHD, mildly dyslexic,gifted 9 year old. I also have a 19 month old running around distracting us as we try to work. I am having both boys do the 7-9 level, both r . . .
Search of video courses
comments: 8 | views: 896 | last updated: 5/6/2017
Good morning. I am looking for help with precalculus for my daughter. Do you know where I can find math video courses with worksheets and the solutions worked out?
gifted with severe anxiety and depression
comments: 12 | views: 4995 | last updated: 10/5/2016
My 7 yr old has severe anxiety and also suffers from depression. He was officially diagnosed with Selective Mutism and OCD at the age of 3 1/2. This is our first year homeschooling and I am so happy to have found MBTP. We are having some struggles . . .
writing troubles
comments: 18 | views: 4479 | last updated: 9/29/2016
Do you have suggestions for a child who gets easily frustrated when writing? My daughter loves a story, and used to even love to write them, but now she gets tired and overwhelmed from the get-go. And loses her cool. I do emphasize ideas, not gr . . .
using mbtp w/ adhd
comments: 6 | views: 3438 | last updated: 9/8/2016
Hi I am looking for tips and advice on using mbtp with my child who has adhd. I would appreciate to hear from anyone who is currently using it. Thanks so much
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CD for The Real Mother Goose?
comments: 2 | views: 568 | last updated: 7/21/2017
We are just starting The Real Mother Goose and day 1 mentions listening to the poems on the CD. We are checking the books out at the library, so we do not have a CD. However my children love audiobooks and I would like to find a way to incorporate th . . .
Die cut dinosaur puzzle
comments: 6 | views: 838 | last updated: 5/9/2017
In theory great idea but it's hard to put together and doesn't stay together and ended up frustrating son. My husband and I and 14 yrs old daughter trying to rig it with glue. Not working
Link dead Unit 21
comments: 2 | views: 594 | last updated: 11/1/2016
Day 5
Program Order
comments: 4 | views: 797 | last updated: 10/26/2016
I'm trying to understand the reason your lessons provide the alphabet out of order, but can not find the answer to this. I know there has to be a reason, and would like to understand it.
Zin Zin Zin a Violin
comments: 2 | views: 641 | last updated: 10/12/2016
The link for the reading rainbow show doesn't work. I tried numerous times to getting it to work and kept saying wrong plug in or something to that affect. Youtube makes you pay too. Just easier to go on Amazon prime to pay the $1.99 for the show. Sh . . .
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Occupying younger siblings
comments: 11 | views: 1755 | last updated: 6/15/2017
I'm hoping some of you can help me brainstorm ideas. My advanced 4yo is ready to start MBTP 5-7 now, i believe. We just did a sample lesson and it kept his attention for a full hour. The problem is, my just-turned-2 year old is very needy, and its to . . .
Just received this from our charter school Connecting Waters
comments: 2 | views: 518 | last updated: 1/13/2017
but noticed one of the books is not in our order ---In Our Town by Judith Chesely. Is this no longer being used.
comments: 5 | views: 2352 | last updated: 4/29/2016
This is our first year with MBTP. My daughter was 4.5 when we began the 5-7 program in the Fall. I am struggling with getting the work done. She is very bright but it is a battle to get her to do the work and I am getting discouraged. Can someone w . . .
Request for Book list for 5-7 Concept 4 Change Unit 3 History
comments: 11 | views: 2191 | last updated: 4/7/2016
Does anyone have the supplementary book list for: 5-7 Concept 4 Change Unit 3 History ? The materials list on both Lessons 4 and 5 say "suggestions provided on the Book List" and my book list says "none". Thank you. Lynn
Unit and supplies question
comments: 2 | views: 1204 | last updated: 12/3/2015
Hi, we are currently using the 4-5 curriculum with our 4 year old and LOVE it! I am starting to look into next years curriculum (5-7) and noticed that it was different. Does it not have the holiday units and all the supplies included like the 4-5? . . .
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need help regarding math concepts
comments: 2 | views: 1007 | last updated: 3/22/2017
We just started the age 6-8 level last week. I was originally very excited about this curriculum for my first grader but am having second thoughts. We started the lesson on money today and I'm just not understanding jumping to equivalent money conc . . .
How much preparedness will I need to do?
comments: 2 | views: 495 | last updated: 2/8/2017
I've read through some of the forum posts, and I see where parents will expand on a topic and then use the library for more books, info etc. Is this something that's recommended? Is there suggested reading and suggested activities for expanding learn . . .
Order of Concepts?
comments: 1 | views: 498 | last updated: 1/30/2017
Just wondering if the concepts really need to be done in a certain order or if it is acceptable to switch them up? We ave done the first two concepts in order, but I really would like to switch the last two concepts in this age level. Any thoughts . . .
Still making up my mind....
comments: 6 | views: 1712 | last updated: 7/8/2016
I have a 7 year old son and a 5 year old daughter. This is my second year of homeschooling my son (grade 1 level now) and the first year for my daughter (Kindergarten level). Up until this point I have created my own curriculum - utilizing any resour . . .
Age 6-8 Concept 1, Unit 1, Lesson 8 -- stars don't fit on the flag??
comments: 2 | views: 1207 | last updated: 11/10/2015
I know it's not a big deal, because I can always print out a flag from somewhere else. But why have a flag for the kids to color and to cut out and place the stars in strips of five, when it's obvious that ten strips of stars are not going to fit in . . .
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Science and Social Studies order
comments: 1 | views: 6 | last updated: 8/21/2017
Hello! We have been loving the 7-9 Science Concept 1, Unit 1: Weather. We are getting close to finishing it and I am looking ahead to the next unit. My question regards the order of the units. I know that the units increase in difficulty as expla . . .
Error found in Social Studies Concept 3 Unit 3: Economic Cycles
comments: 2 | views: 463 | last updated: 2/7/2017
I have been reviewing and preparing our next study module and discovered an error in Social Studies Concept 3 - Unit 3: Economic Cycles, Lesson 6--Activity 3 (Supply and Demand Graph). The activity details state that the cost of the item is shown on . . .
Lang. Arts sequence/ order of lessons
comments: 3 | views: 595 | last updated: 12/1/2016
Would it be okay to skip a Lang Arts Lessons. For instance, If I want to skip Sarah plain and tall ... will my child miss important concepts in LA.
Concerns with Concept 1 Unit 1 Language Arts Literature (Tornado)
comments: 3 | views: 762 | last updated: 10/14/2016
I find it incredibly disconcerting that this unit uses a literature book that condones, if not actually encourages, theft. I realise that the chapter questions attempt to address the morality issues, but the lessons don't even touch on the legality i . . .
People Change The World "spy glass"
comments: 6 | views: 1224 | last updated: 10/12/2016
Has anyone else tried to make the spyglass? I find the directions horrible. Steps are missing and I can't figure out how to make. It seems like it is written for the child but makes no sense. If you (the child) covers two equal sized tubes with c . . .
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Alternative to Thousand Paper Cranes?
comments: 3 | views: 243 | last updated: 7/16/2017
My PG daughter is extremely anxious, particularly about anything health related. Her therapist has recommended against her reading Thousand Paper Cranes due to the discussion of cancer. Is there another fiction book anyone can recommend about Japanes . . .
What to use unstead of "The Lion,the Witch and the Wardrobe"?
comments: 1 | views: 158 | last updated: 7/11/2017
Hello,Moving Beyond the page staff and homeschooling moms! I'm looking forward to use this curriculum this year (8-10), that i ordered through charter school. However,i have concerns with the books about magic, witches and etc. Is there any other boo . . .
Many errors and typos
comments: 4 | views: 153 | last updated: 7/10/2017
In the assigned book, "Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts," on page 11, it erroneously states that Kennedy was the youngest president. In fact, it was Theodore Roosevelt. Kennedy was 43, but Roosevelt was 42. There should be a note . . .
Oregon Trail Won't Run :(
comments: 3 | views: 655 | last updated: 7/2/2017
We've followed the 'do this if you have a newer computer' insert and it still won't run. Each time we double click the file we get an error message [Cannot locate "OregonII.DAT"] I have Windows 10 and a fairly new Lenovo laptop. Anyone else . . .
Error in Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH, Lesson 7: The Capture
comments: 3 | views: 231 | last updated: 6/5/2017
The lesson on acronyms includes many examples of initialisms, and erroneously calls them acronyms.
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US Geography - misleading answer
comments: 2 | views: 13 | last updated: 8/21/2017
Lesson 1, Activity 1, Option 1, #13 - the question is, "A South American country" and the answer you list is, "Columbia, SC." Columbia isn't a South American country; Colombia is. The spelling is different.
How do you line up the lessons?
comments: 6 | views: 905 | last updated: 8/8/2017
Hi all, new homeschooling mama here! I am doing a distance learning program through my charter school, and they provide the curriculum. They have provided me first with concept #3 in both LA & SS/Science. My question is this. With the Witch of Bl . . .
Using Social Studies and Language Arts but not the Science Portion
comments: 2 | views: 205 | last updated: 7/27/2017
I am thinking of just purchasing the Social Studies and Language Arts curriculum, and not the science for my 9-11 level and 11-13 level children. We have been using a science curriculum that we are quite pleased with and is appropriate to use for bot . . .
Moon phases in answer key to Earth's atmosphere
comments: 2 | views: 79 | last updated: 7/26/2017 I think this is a mistake.
Grammatical error in Handy Guide to Writing and Grammar
comments: 1 | views: 110 | last updated: 7/1/2017
On page 5, the heading is "Writers Guide" with no apostrophe. Hey, at least it teaches the concept of irony. :)
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comments: 4 | views: 367 | last updated: 8/7/2017
What power of microscope is recommended for concept 4, unit 2 (Cells unit)?
Right Start Math F
comments: 2 | views: 105 | last updated: 7/25/2017
It has been a few years since RSM came out with its 2nd Edition series. So my question is, will you be offering the 2nd edition series any time soon? Level F will only be offered in the 2nd ed, and it seems to have very important middle school math a . . .
Science Manipulative Package
comments: 2 | views: 86 | last updated: 7/24/2017
Hello, again! So I have decided to purchase only the first unit for us to try. If it goes well, I will then order the full year. :) I'm planning to purchase the first unit for each subject and then also the additional manipulative packages for my . . .
Parent Intensive?
comments: 3 | views: 106 | last updated: 7/24/2017
Good Afternoon! I posted this question in another forum section but thought it might get answers here as well. I have just discovered this curriculum and am quite intrigued. Our girls will turn 11 & 12 in September so if we choose MBtP, I'd purc . . .
Question about chapter books/reading pace and lessons???
comments: 3 | views: 129 | last updated: 7/7/2017
Is there a place in the hard copy curriculum units where it says what chapters should have been read prior to starting a lesson? We are using the curriculum with two special needs kids but the books need to be read to them because of vision challenge . . .
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Links that don't work
comments: 5 | views: 109 | last updated: 7/24/2017
Hi everyone, We just received our first unit and noticed that many of the links don't work. Is this typical? If so, how do you all work around this? Thanks!
Replacement for The Hobbit?
comments: 4 | views: 183 | last updated: 6/22/2017
Hi - we did The Hobbit last year to try out MBTP, and loved it. This year we're buying 11-13. Can you suggest another unit in a nearby level that would work well in its place? We can always just do something completely different during that tim . . .
comments: 1 | views: 166 | last updated: 6/7/2017
How do I hide online units that we won't use? I know it's strange, but having all of them there messes with me.
Individualized Curriculum
comments: 2 | views: 201 | last updated: 6/5/2017
My son is 12 and is finishing sixth grade. He excels in Math and has been doing the seventh-grade math curriculum. However, he is a little behind in Language Arts, especially in reading comprehension. He is on the autism spectrum. Math has always bee . . .
Removing Books from Order
comments: 2 | views: 228 | last updated: 5/30/2017
Hello, MBtP! I will be purchasing 11-13 for my son's upcoming school year. I already have the Usborne Encycl. of the Ancient World and Family Geography books. Is there a way for me to order the full year minus those two books? Thanks, Vaness . . .
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Different LA abilities?
comments: 1 | views: 9 | last updated: 8/21/2017
My son is starting 8th. Great reader, comprehension, vocabulary etc...... but awful at writing. Hates to write stories, reports, etc. When doing quick writes or journaling I'm lucky to get 4-5 sentences. I have to push for more. Any suggestions? I r . . .
High School
comments: 23 | views: 2007 | last updated: 8/16/2017
My son will be using 12-14 for part of 9th grade, but where to go from there?! Has anyone found a high school program that is similar to MBtP as far as quality and extent of literature, as well as including numerous hands-on projects? Is it time for . . .
Timeline cards
comments: 2 | views: 61 | last updated: 8/11/2017
Our Revolution lesson 2 southern colonies says that timeline cards are included along with a timeline. I purchased the online curriculum. I don't see an option to print anything out. Did I miss something?
Online Units vs. Spiral Bound Materials
comments: 3 | views: 248 | last updated: 5/24/2017
Vicki, This year we completed the 11-13 "Light and the Eye" unit with another family. They used the online version while we had a spiral bound. I noticed that there material had a more recent copyright date, used different books, and had . . .
Subject connections?
comments: 3 | views: 339 | last updated: 4/21/2017
Can anybody tell me how they have found the science to be connected to the SS and LA? I am planning to do a few literature units next year, and understand why To Kill a Mockingbird is linked to civil rights for example, but is the science connected a . . .


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