Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between hard-copy and /Online curriculum?

They are exactly the same.

What Is /Online Curriculum?
Our curriculum is available in both hard-copy and online formats. Both of these formats include access to the exact same projects, activities, and readings.

Available With All Hard Copy Purchases
When you purchase a hard-copy version of our curriculum, you also receive access to the /Online version of that curriculum at no additional cost for 18 months. This enables you to, for example, use your hard-copy curriculum at home, but easily transition an activity to a different location by bringing your smart phone with you. Access to the /Online version also enables you to print additional copies of student activity pages for a sibling or access a shopping list while out at the store.

Purchasing Just the /Online Curriculum
Most of our customers have access to both the /Online and hard-copy curriculum, but some customers may only want access to the /Online curriculum. Some reasons families choose to purchase just the online curriculum include:

1) No shipping costs for digital products.
2) Limited storage space (great for RV and boat families).
3) Reduced cost.
4) Reduced environmental impact.
5) Immediate access to curriculum upon checkout.

Please note that when you buy online packages, the literature and manipulatives are still in hard copy form. We do not provide electronic access to literature or to the hands-on science kits, and both are required to complete our program.

Accessing /Online Curriculum
The easiest way to access your /Online curriculum is by clicking the /Online link at the top of our website. You can also download our iOS app to access the curriculum from our app. With our /Online curriculum, you can access the daily lesson plans directly on your phone, tablet, or computer. While you can print student activity pages and individual lessons when needed, the /Online curriculum is not simply a PDF and is not optimized for printing the entire lesson plans. If you prefer to access your curriculum on paper, we recommend purchasing the hard-copy curriculum.

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