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My 8 year old is gifted in Science, loves to read, but is weak in writing. Can I use the 7-9 units for Language Arts and the 8-10 units for Science and Social Studies?

We recognize that gifted children have strengths and weaknesses, and we try to build a lot of flexibility into our program to help parents meet the needs of their children. This is one reason we do offer our Language Arts programs separate from our Science and Social Studies program beginning at the 7-9 level. Some children may be gifted but may not be accelerated in Language Arts skills. Most of the 7-9 novels are on a third or fourth grade level and the writing instruction in our program is rigorous. At the 7-9 level children learn to write paragraphs, to use descriptive language, and to apply grammar skills. At the 8-10 level the novels average about a fifth grade level and some are on a sixth grade level. The writing instruction requires students to write multiple paragraphs and to edit and revise their writing.

If you choose to implement the 7-9 level for Language Arts and the 8-10 for Science and Social Studies, your child will not have the connection between the language arts units and the science and social studies units. However, this is better than having your child read books that are beyond his or her reading level and work through writing assignments that are too advanced. This can cause frustration for a child.

We do not recommend skipping the 7-9 Science and Social Studies units with a gifted child who is eight if your child has not studied the topics we cover. For example, if your child has not studied weather or the water cycle in science, these are very important science concepts. The knowledge and skills gained in the science units are important foundations in earth science and physics. If your child does not know the basics of economics and is not familiar with Famous Americans, he or she will need the knowledge and skills taught in the units for future years of education.

If you have an eight year-old who is on grade level, we recommend that your child work through the 7-9 level in language arts and science and social studies. This option also works well for many gifted eight year-olds who are not ready for the novels and writing assignments at the 8-10 level.

For children who are nine or ten and still need the writing and reading level provided in the 7-9 language arts, selecting the science and social studies from the 8-10 may be a good option.

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