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My child gets really bored with worksheets. Does your curriculum use a lot of worksheets?

Moving Beyond the Page utilizes what we call Activity Sheets to facilitate learning. Our Activity Sheets, however, are vastly different than the traditional Worksheets that too many children struggle through each day. Here are a few of the differences.

Our student activity pages encourage higher order thinking and they serve as a way for children to organize their thoughts and ideas. This is often challenging for young children if they are not given some structure.

"Worksheets", on the other hand, are generally multiple choice and rote drill activities. You will find very few of this type of activity within our curriculum.

Many of our Activity Sheets require dialog between you and your child. They will stimulate discussion and learning. They are not simply a worksheet that can be quickly completed before moving on to the next activity.

There is also much more to Moving Beyond the Page than the Activity Sheets. We take our name very literally, and your child will often be asked to explore his community, create or build models, conduct experiments, and discover the nature around him. These are in addition to the fabulous projects that your child will use to wrap up each unit.

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