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I am interested in purchasing your curriculum, but I am on a limited budget. Do you have any suggestions?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as high-quality, free, homeschool curriculum. A good curriculum takes much time and energy to develop and when accompanied with books and enrichment materials it can require quite a significant investment. Here are some ways to minimize the financial impact of Moving Beyond the Page:

  • Purchase One Concept At A Time
    By purchasing the four concepts individually, you will effectively be paying for your curriculum in four installments. This will lessen the impact at any one point during the year.
  • Share With A Friend
    If you and a friend have children that are the same age, you may decide to split the cost of the curriculum and purchase an additional copy of each Student Activity Book. While one of you starts with the first concept, the other can start on the second. After nine weeks you can swap concepts.
  • Get Required Books at the Library
    Complete Moving Beyond the Page packages include a plethora of fantastic books. If you have the time and access to a good library, many of these books can be borrowed from the library and then returned when finished. Check to see which books your library has available. The other titles can be purchased from us.
  • Use Moving Beyond the Page With Siblings
    For each additional sibling, you will only need to purchase extra student activity books.

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