Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Moving Beyond the Page a good choice for gifted learners? How is it different from other curricula?

Moving Beyond the Page was developed specifically to meet the needs of gifted learners. Many of the research-based strategies come directly from the field of gifted education.

Gifted kids need to learn the same skills and information that all kids need to learn. That said, they may need to look at it from a different angle or have an extra level of challenge. This is why many of our activities are differentiated - there are two levels provided for many of the activities. We allow you to decide which level of activity is appropriate for your child. Gifted kids need to be challenged to think at higher levels. MBTP encourages kids to move beyond the facts and into higher levels of thinking.

Many children are creatively gifted. Our curriculum provides an engaging alternative that incorporates music, art, drama, hands-on activities, and creative thinking throughout the units.

We believe that gifted children tend to think holistically. They need to see the big picture before drilling down and sifting through the details. Concept based education is at the heart of Moving Beyond the Page.

MBTP does not offer a lot of review. Many curricula encourage children to do the same thing over and over in the same way. Our curriculum assumes that children will grasp a skill or concept quickly and then they will move on to the next topic. You won't find a lot of drill within our curriculum. We leave it up to parents to decide whether more practice is required in a given area and to provide what is needed.

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