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Is this program only for gifted learners?

Moving Beyond the Page is designed with gifted and creative learners in mind, but it would be a mistake to assume that only gifted learners could benefit from the curriculum. We developed a curriculum that would work for gifted learners because gifted learners have unique needs that are often not met with traditional curriculum. If you have a gifted learner, then you almost certainly need these strategies, but they can also be very beneficial for children that are on grade level in their learning.

Many of the research-based strategies that are used to develop Moving Beyond the Page come from research done in the field of gifted education. We believe that all children will benefit from the strategies if the correct level is selected for the child. If your child is an average child (functioning on grade level) we make the following recommendations:

  • On grade level 6 year-old use Age 5-7 (for first grade year)
  • On grade level 7 year-old use Age 6-8 (for second grade year)
  • On grade level 8 year-old use Age 7-9 (for third grade year)
  • On grade level 9 year-old use Age 8-10 (for fourth grade year)
  • On grade level 10 year-old use Age 9-11 (for fifth grade year)
  • On grade level 11 year-old use Age 10-12 (for sixth grade year)
  • On grade level 12 year-old use Age 11-13 (for seventh grade year)
  • On grade level 13 year-old use Age 12-14 (for eighth grade year)
These general guidelines are a good place to start, but you should also check the minimum requirements for beginning each level as well. These are found on the curriculum tab of the website for each grade level.

The literature units have an ever broader range than the Science and Social Studies. For example, our Age 7-9 literature units can be used with kids ages 7-10, depending on the child’s reading level. Likewise, the Age 8-10 literature units can be used for children up to age 11, based on the child's reading level. Beginning in the Age 9-11 level, the writing assignments include 5 paragraph essays and can be used for children from 5th grade through middle school as long as children meet the minimum requirements.

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