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How do I know what level to select for my gifted child?

Our general guidelines for gifted children are:

  • Gifted 5 year-olds use the 5-7 level. (for kindergarten year)
  • Gifted 6 year-olds use the 6-8 level. (for first grade year)
  • Gifted 7 year-olds use the 7-9 level. (for second grade year)
  • Gifted 8 year-olds use the 8-10 level. (for third grade year)
Because the Age 8-10 curriculum does not incorporate Math and because the literature selections are very challenging, this age level can also be used successfully with most gifted 9-year olds as well. When an activity provides multiple options, you will want to select the more challenging option.

For the reading (at the 5-7 and 6-8 level) and math programs (at the 7-9 and 8-10 level), you can decide where you think your child is functioning in each area and select the program that is on your child’s level.

Moving Beyond the Page is designed for a typical gifted child that is functioning one or two grade levels ahead of grade. If your child is functioning more than two levels ahead, you may want to consider moving up a level higher than our suggested guidelines.

We know that gifted children can have varying levels of ability in different areas. We also recognize that gifted learners can be gifted in one area and may have a learning disability in another. This is why we offer a flexible program that can be tailored to meet your individual child’s needs.

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