Supplementing Your Homeschool Curriculum

Many parents enjoy creating an eclectic learning experience for their children - choosing a little of this curriculum and a little of that to create a unique homeschooling experience for their child. Moving Beyond the Page has a flexible design that is perfect for this approach.

Each year of curriculum is divided into four concepts that each represent 9 weeks of instruction. These concepts can be purchased individually. When used as a supplement, they can be used over the course of a semester or year, depending on how much extra enrichment is needed.

To choose a concept as a supplement, decide upon the appropriate age level and then choose which concept will most interest your child. Every supplement provides comprehensive instruction in the following subjects:

  • Math,
  • Language Arts,
  • Writing,
  • Science,
  • Social Studies, and
  • Art
All concepts also make extensive use of both fiction and non-fiction literature. The use of extensive literature will help your child
  • understand and internalize ideas,
  • practice reading skills,
  • discuss literary elements,
  • analyze story structure, and
  • learn from characters.

Beyond Standards

All lessons are based on state and national standards, so you know that your child is gaining the valuable skills he will need in each content area. But we go far beyond the standards, which are a minimal requirement for what your child should be learning. We don't just want to teach your child what she needs to know to progress to the next grade level. We want her to love learning and to become a life-long learner.