Learning Styles

Different students learn in different ways.

Children are more likely to enjoy learning when they can be successful. They are more likely to be successful if they are learning in a way that is natural to them.

Different children approach learning in different ways. Curriculum that appeals to varying learning styles ensures that all students are able to process information in ways that are natural for them. Moving Beyond the Page provides activities that support the four major learning styles -- kinesthetic, visual, read/write, and auditory:

  • With Moving Beyond the Page, students who are kinesthetic (hands-on) learners work with manipulatives and complete projects that involve creating products with a variety of materials. They also participate in science experiments and hands-on math activities.
  • Visual learners are provided ample opportunity to read colorful story books and create drawings, diagrams, and posters. In addition, they engage in visual-spatial tasks and puzzles and complete activity pages that feature engaging illustrations.
  • Our literature-based curriculum is ideal for read/write learners. Students read a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts and respond through journal entries, newspaper articles, letters, essays, and other writing activities.
  • For the auditory learner, Moving Beyond the Page stimulates lively discussions between the child and parent. Each lesson provides parents with ways to describe, explain, and reinforce the skills and ideas covered in that lesson. These discussions and explanations ensure that auditory learners grasp the content of each lesson.