Schedule Your School Year

Moving Beyond the Page has a very flexible structure that you can fit into your own unique homeschool schedule. Instead of telling you which lesson to complete on Monday or Tuesday, we encourage you to finish a lesson each day. The following day, you just move on to the next lesson. We know, however, that you are going to spend more time on some projects and less time on others. We also know that you are going to take field trips, go on vacations, and engage in other activities that throw a wrench into even the best made schedule.

When you plan your school year with Moving Beyond the Page, you don't need to plan out each day. The documents on this page will help you lay out a high level schedule that you can refer to every few weeks to ensure you are still on pace. If you find that you are behind your selected pace, you can intentionally move more quickly through the next unit. If you are ahead of pace, then you can take your time and explore topics in more detail.

We have two types of schedules:

  • School-Year Schedule
    The school-year schedule is designed around a typical 9 month school year with four 9-week quarters and a summer break. You don't have to start this schedule in the fall. It can be started any time of year. Your long break can be in the summer or any other time of year that fits your schedule.
  • Year-Round Schedule
    The year-round schedule is designed for homeschoolers that prefer to school throughout the year and take smaller breaks along the way.

In order to make your schedule, you will need to select your type of schedule, have a calendar handy, and make a list of upcoming vacations and holidays that you would like to take off. If you have any questions about creating your schedule, please don't hesitate to contact us.