Curriculum Samples
The best way to understand how research-based educational strategies make Moving Beyond the Page unique is to look at some samples. We have included a number of examples for you to peruse. We hope that these samples will give you a good feel for the quality, depth, and scope of the curriculum. All samples require Adobe Reader.

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Age 10-12 Curriculum Samples

Concept 1: Environment and Cycles

Unit 1 - The Wanderer [LA]

Unit 2 - Geography and Landforms [SS]

Lesson 2 - Maps of All Kinds

Unit 3 - Our Changing Earth [S]

Lesson 4 - Earthquakes and Moving Plates

Concept 2: Force and Power

Unit 1 - Slavery and the Civil War [SS]

Lesson 1 - Antebellum America

Unit 1 - Bull Run [LA]

Lesson 3 - Joining the Ranks

Unit 3 - Number the Stars [LA]

Lesson 3 - The Button Shop

Unit 3 - World Wars I and II [SS]

Lesson 5 - Mobilizing for War

Concept 3: Change

Unit 1 - Matter [S]

Lesson 2 - Introduction to Metals

Unit 3 - The Giver [LA]

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