Online Spelling Program


The Moving Beyond the Page spelling program is an online spelling program that is easy to use, enables children to write with natural handwriting, teaches children the rules of spelling, and reinforces words that students struggle with. Our system uses principles from mastery learning. Students must first master each set of words before moving on, and they will also receive ongoing practice where they need it most. At the end of each level, students will know how to spell not only the words from the final spelling test but also every word from the entire year.

Our online spelling program is available at no charge for 18 months with any purchase of hard-copy or online curriculum.

Weekly Schedule

Your weekly spelling schedule is simple.

  1. First, set aside 30 minutes each week for spelling.
  2. Then ask your child to complete one quiz each week. (He may have to take this quiz multiple times until he gets all of the new words correct.)
  3. Finally, review any missed words with your child and reinforce any spelling rules that give your child problems.

This may seem like a short time to spend on spelling each week, but our program does what a traditional program does not. First, we don’t waste time on words that your child already knows how to spell. Second, we will review and reinforce the words that your child misses all year long. At the end of the year, your child will know how to spell every single word on our spelling list, not just the handful of words from the most recent test. Spending less time on spelling means you can spend more time on other aspects of writing — like word choice, interesting ideas, sentence fluency, and voice. Spelling is important, but it is just one of many aspects of successful writing.

Why Our Program?

Let's take a look at some of the reasons you may want to consider using our online spelling program.

Natural Handwriting

Children learn to spell words with natural handwriting. Using a touchscreen, they spell each word with their finger or a stylus.

Use Time Efficiently

If students already know how to spell a word, they shouldn't have to spend a week using the word in a sentence and writing it five times. Rather, students should spend time working on words that they struggle with. Our online spelling program identifies problem words for children, and spends more time on the words that students need most.

Parents and teachers should spend time reinforcing spelling rules that students struggle with — not reading words and grading tests. Our online spelling program speaks each word, uses it in a sentence, offers a definition if needed, and grades the test. After a student finishes a test, the parent or teacher will receive an email that shows whether words were spelled correctly and which spelling rules might help a student on the next test.

Don't Forget What You Learn

If students forget how to spell new words within a few weeks, then the point of spelling is lost. Our online spelling program is a year-long program. With our regular review, students will finish a level knowing how to spell every single word from the entire year.

Learn the Rules of Spelling

The English language is a melting pot of sounds, vowels, and blends. The best way to learn spelling is to learn the rules of spelling. They don't work every time, but they work most of the time. When a student misses a spelling word, we immediately offer the student a look at the rules that may have helped. After a student finishes a test, the parent or teacher will receive an email with a link to the quiz detail. This page contains a summary of all of the Spelling Rules that a student needs to cover.

Receive Immediate Feedback

Numerous studies have demonstrated the value of immediate feedback in learning. It has been shown to be far more effective than delayed feedback in enhancing learning and performance. This is why we provide students with feedback immediately after missing a word. We alert them to the missed word, offer the correct spelling, and when available provide a short lesson about the spelling rule or rules in question.

What To Expect

The Moving Beyond the Page online spelling program includes four different levels. These levels correspond to the different levels of our Moving Beyond the Page curriculum. Our spelling program has a heavy emphasis on the most commonly used words in the English language, because these are the words students are most likely to use in the future.

  • Age 7-9
    The Age 7-9 level includes about 250 words. Most students will be ready to begin this level in about the 2nd or 3rd grade. The primary focus is on the most common words in the English language, and it ends with a set of challenge words.
  • Age 8-10
    The Age 8-10 level includes about 400 words. This level continues the theme of common words in the first half of the year, but the second half of the year introduces students to a large variety of spelling patterns.
  • Age 9-11
    The Age 9-11 level includes about 350 words. This level also continues the theme of common words, but it also spends time on homonyms and contractions.
  • Age 10-12
    The Age 10-12 level includes about 300 words. In this level, students will be introduced to complex spelling patterns and commonly misspelled words.