Middle School Homeschool Curriculum

Moving Beyond the Page offers two levels of middle school homeschool curriculum. We call these two levels Age 11-13 and Age 12-14. Most children will complete these two levels in 7th and 8th grade. Our goal with these two levels is to prepare your middle schooler to begin high school with a solid understanding of science, social studies, and language arts.


  • Age 11-13: Earth Science, Physics
  • Age 12-14: Chemistry, Biology

    The middle school levels of Moving Beyond the Page science pave the way for a smooth entry into high school science. Students will have a full semester of study in Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology before they even enter high school. They will understand the basic concepts, principles, and vocabulary of these scientific fields and will have explored them in-depth through hands-on experiments and excellent readings. With this strong background, students will be prepared for success in high school science.

Social Studies

  • Age 11-13: World Civilizations: History, Culture, and Geography
  • Age 12-14: American History and Government

    In the two middle school levels of Moving Beyond the Page social studies, we provide a survey of world history, culture, and geography that will help students feel well-prepared entering American History World History classes in high school. They will have a solid understanding of major eras of world history and of cultures around the world both past and present. They will also have excellent world geography skills and knowledge. The final level of Moving Beyond the Page social studies will focus on American history and government. These units will explore the monumental historical events of American history, provide an in-depth look at historical documents, and analyze how the government of the United States functions. Upon entering high school, students who have used Moving Beyond the Page social studies units will enter with a level of deep understanding and in-depth knowledge of both American history and government.

Language Arts

  • Both Levels: High School Prep Language Arts

    The middle school levels of Moving Beyond the Page language arts are structured very similarly to high school level English classes. Students read and discuss amazing literature using a variety of both classic and modern selections. They analyze interesting characters and continue to study the author's craft, exploring figurative language techniques, story elements, and a variety of writing styles. Students write in response to literature and practice a variety of types of writing. They learn and practice grammar rules and then apply these skills to their own writing through the editing process. These units also emphasize research skills. Students who have used Moving Beyond the Page literature units in middle school will be prepared to enter not only basic English classes but also honors and AP level English courses if they choose to do so.