Our Methodology

Creating a curriculum for gifted, creative, and hands-on learners takes a unique aproach to curriculum design. The end result is a curriculum that is different from any other you will find in the homeschool or distance learning market. Here is an overview of how we design curriculum.

  1. We start with state and national standards so you can be confident that your child is learning the skills and content needed in each subject area - including math, language arts, writing, science, social studies, and history. But we don't stop there.

  2. Then we wrap those standards in a concept-based curriculum so children learn skills through big ideas that they can take with them through their lives. It will help them to understand complex interactions, become true innovators, and see the interconnectedness among people, ideas, and environments.

  3. By differentiating the curriculum, we enable you to engage your students at a level that is both challenging and rewarding.

  4. We know that not all children learn the same way, and we write our curriculum to encourage different learning styles. This helps children learn in a way that feels natural to them, and it doesn't force all children to learn in the same way all the time.

  5. We help you work through your child's strengths by utilizing each of the multiple intelligences. When children work through their areas of strength, they achieve greater levels of success.

  6. Critical and creative thinking are extremely important to us, and we make sure that your children will think deeply and explore something creative every day. This dimension will set apart the book smart from those who are innovators, inventors, and designers.

  7. Our curriculum is built around activities and projects. Project-based instruction reinforces the real-world application of a child's learning. Instead of isolating math, reading, and science lessons, children should use their skills in a variety of areas to solve problems or create products.

  8. Utilizing an interdisciplinary curriculum can help your child discover connections among subjects. Math and science go hand in hand. Social Studies cannot be understood without reading authentic documents and literature from different time periods and different perspectives. Life does not isolate these subjects, and your child's curriculum should not teach them in isolation either. Moving Beyond the Page is the only curriculum that integrates the subjects of science, social studies, and language arts from preschool through middle school.

Our curriculum is designed with gifted learners in mind, but most students will still benefit from our curriculum approach as long as care is taken to choose the appropriate age level.