Homeschool Math (middle/high school)

Life of Fred

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Real-Life Math

At Moving Beyond the Page, we believe children learn best when they experience their learning rather than just gathering facts from a book. This is the primary reason we chose Life of Fred Math as our middle / high school math program.

Life of Fred offers an approach to math you won't find with any other math program. Your child will learn math by following the life of Fred. In his everyday life, Fred first encounters the need for mathematics, and then comes the mathematics. Never again will your child ask when they will ever use math in the real-world.

Life of Fred is a fun program. Your child will enjoy reading the stories of Fred as he discovers the usefulness of mathematics. Like the upper levels of Moving Beyond the Page, each of the books are self-teaching. The books are written in a way that your child will understand without requiring you to interpret for them. Life of Fred is also comprehensive. Each of these books contain more math than is usually found in the corresponding college course. They are fantastic preparation for the SAT and higher-level college math.

Life of Fred is also a very affordable program. The cost for Life of Fred is roughly 1/3 the cost of an equivalent text. Moving Beyond the Page does not charge any shipping costs for Life of Fred books. You won't find them cheaper anywhere else.


The following breakdown shows our recommendation for utilizing Life of Fred as your complete Math program for middle through high school. Children will go through his program at different speeds, so this should only be used as a general guide.

Middle School Year 1

  • Life of Fred: Fractions
  • Life of Fred: Decimals and Percents
  • Life of Fred: Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology

Middle School Year 2

  • Life of Fred: Beginning Algebra
  • Fred's Home Companion: Beginning Algebra

Freshman Year

  • Life of Fred: Advanced Algebra
  • Fred's Home Companion: Advanced Algebra

Sophomore Year

  • Life of Fred: Geometry

Junior Year

  • Life of Fred: Trigonometry
  • Fred's Home Companion: Trigonometry
  • Life of Fred: Statistics

Senior Year

  • Life of Fred: Calculus

When Should Your Child Start?

Life of Fred: Fractions is the first book in the series. It presupposes that the reader knows three things:

  1. the addition tables - What's 5 + 8?
  2. the multiplication tables - What's 7 times 8?
  3. long division - What's 6231 divided by 93?
If your child has mastered these three skills, then he is ready to begin.

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