Homeschooling Gifted Kids

Homeschooling gifted kids can be a daunting challenge, and it usually requires a very different approach to curriculum selection. We get asked all the time whether Moving Beyond the Page is only for gifted homeschoolers, but that would be a mistake. Moving Beyond the Page is a great curriculum for all learners.

Homeschool Curriculum for Gifted Learners

Moving Beyond the Page was designed with gifted learners in mind. It would be a mistake, however, to assume that they are the only learners that could benefit from our unique approach to learning. Gifted children have very unique needs, and these needs are often not met with a traditional curriculum. Traditional curriculum usually teaches to the logical / mathematical students. If your children are creative or gifted in another area, then they may become bored with a traditonal curriculum. While all learners can benefit from Moving Beyond the Page, gifted learners usually NEED Moving Beyond the Page.

Many of the research-based strategies that are used to develop Moving Beyond the Page come from research done in the field of gifted education. All children can benefit from these strategies, but care must be take to choose the correct age level. If your child is an average child (functioning on grade level), then we can make the following recommendations:

  • On grade level 5 year-old use Age 4-5 (kindergarten)
  • On grade level 6 year-old use Age 5-7 (first grade)
  • On grade level 7 year-old use Age 6-8 (second grade)
  • On grade level 8 year-old use Age 7-9 (third grade)
  • On grade level 9 year-old use Age 8-10 (fourth grade)
  • On grade level 10 year-old use Age 9-11 (fifth grade)
  • On grade level 11 year-old use Age 10-12 (sixth grade)
  • On grade level 12 year-old use Age 11-13 (seventh grade)
  • On grade level 13 year-old use Age 12-14 (eight grade)

These general guidelines will give you a good place to start. You should also check our prerequisites and make sure they line up with your child's ability as well.


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