Start with Standards... But Don't Stop There

Covering the standards can be engaging, inspiring, and filled with high-quality literature.

Covering the Standards

As a homeschooling parent, you want to ensure that your child's curriculum meet his basic educational needs. Because of this, all lessons in Moving Beyond the Page are based on state and national standards. Every lesson begins with a "Skills" section that clearly outlines which standards are being addressed in the day's lesson. You can be confident that your child is gaining the valuable skills he will need in each content area.

Engaging and Inspiring

Moving Beyond the Page takes education a step further. While the various state and national standards are crucial, they are viewed as a minimal requirement for what your child should be learning. We want to encourage him to excel in higher-level thinking and problem solving and to develop a love of learning. It is our goal that your child not only meet a standard to progress to the next grade level but also be challenged to reach his highest potential.

Filled With High-Quality Literature

Many families have heard that covering the Common Core standards means that we are limited to a specific reading list dictated by the standards. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Common Core standards provide examples of literature that can be used, but we choose the literature in our curriculum for one reason — they are the best books we can find anywhere.

Alignment with Common Core State Standards

The following links will provide a detailed look at how our curriculum is aligned with Common Core State Standards.