Gifted Strategies Work for All Learners

There is a saying in educational circles: "what's good for gifted learners is good for all learners." Differentiated instruction for example, began as a strategy for working with gifted learners. Children don't have to be gifted, however, to reap the benefits of a differentiated curriculum. This is why many school districts across the country are now requiring their teachers to implement a differentiated curriculum for all children.

What is different about gifted education is the pace (acceleration), depth of exploration (enrichment), and understanding that gifted children are capable of achieving.

Moving Beyond the Page was designed with the gifted learner in mind. It uses big ideas to help children draw connections between subjects and apply them to their lives. Children who are not gifted can benefit greatly from this curriculum -- as long as care is taken to choose an age appropriate curriculum. All children benefit from the strategies outlined in Moving Beyond the Page.

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