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The Moving Beyond the Page Age 4-5 level is the most enriching, all-inclusive, hands-on program available for preschool or kindergarten homeschool families. Journey through fun and exciting literature selections. Follow amazing characters who pick blueberries, catch fireflies, and go on leaf hunts. Enjoy hands-on art activities, engaging dramatizations, and fun musical experiences.

Along the way learn letters and sounds, vocabulary, sight words, and practice handwriting. Each unit contains integrated math activities to reinforce basic math skills in counting, adding and subtracting, comparing, and sorting. The literature selections inspire engaging science and social studies activities, including making maps, modeling land forms, researching animals, and conducting fun science experiments. You and your child will love this integrated approach to all of the subjects.

Each unit includes the following elements:

  • a literature selection,
  • math activities,
  • science and social studies activities,
  • letter recognition activities,
  • handwriting activities,
  • reading workshop,
  • writing workshop,
  • vocabulary words,
  • sight words, and
  • art, music, and drama activities.

The Moving Beyond the Page Age 4-5 program can be used as a comprehensive preschool curriculum. It can also be used as a kindergarten curriculum if used in conjunction with a phonics program for reading instruction. It is aligned with the Common Core standards for kindergarten math and language arts.

One of the highlights for you as the teacher is that this level comes with a materials kit so there will be very little shopping that you will have to do to provide this rich, hands-on learning environment for your young child. You will receive a box that includes fun art materials, stickers, die-cuts, and other supplies that will make implementing this curriculum easy and fun!

Your child will love learning science, social studies, language arts, and math with this integrated, hands-on approach.

Student Skill Prerequisites

  • Interested in being read to
  • Able to converse about what is being read
  • Able to hold a pencil
  • Has a beginning interest in sounds and letters

Beyond Standards

When combined with a reading program, the Age 4-5 level covers the Common Core standards for kindergarten math and language arts. We have also aligned this level with state and national standards for science and social studies. We do, however, go far beyond the standards, which are a minimal requirement for what your child should be learning. We don't just want to teach your child what she needs to know to progress to the next grade level. We want her to love learning and to become a life- long learner.

Summary of Skills

The links below will take you to the Summary of Skills for each of the concepts that make up the Age 4-5 curriculum. The Summary of Skills is a list of the state and national standards that are covered within Moving Beyond the Page. This list can be useful for your own planning purposes, but it is also quite helpful when submitting required documentation to fulfill state and local reporting requirements.

What Else Do I Need

The Moving Beyond the Page Age 4-5 program will introduce your child to reading and writing letters and words, but it is not a replacement for a reading program. If you are using this level as a preschool program for your child, you should not need to supplement with an additional reading program. If this is your child's kindergarten year, however, we would recommend that you begin teaching your child to read with ABeCeDarian Reading Program Level A.

Most families that use Moving Beyond the Page don't choose to supplement with a separate math program for children in preschool or kindergarten. Our curriculum does not provide the structured review of a separate math program, but we do cover all of the standards for kindergarten. If you think that your child is more advanced in math and is ready to move forward, however, we recommend RightStart Level A or the Life of Fred Elementary Series - Kindergarten.

Age 4-5 Curriculum Samples


Unit 1 - A - A Is for Musk Ox [S] [SS] [LA]

Age 4-5 Curriculum Samples

Unit List

  • Week 1: A - A Is for Musk Ox
  • Week 2: H - Hondo and Fabian
  • Week 3: I - The Little Island
  • Week 4: T - What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?
  • Week 5: L - We're Going on a Leaf Hunt
  • Week 6: F - Fireflies
  • Week 7: E - But No Elephants
  • Week 8: C - Millions of Cats
  • Week 9: G - The Real Mother Goose
  • Week 10: O - Owl Babies
  • Week 11: S - Seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree
  • Week 12: D - Dinosaurs Big and Small
  • Week 13: P - Harold and the Purple Crayon
  • Week 14: B - Blueberries for Sal
  • Week 15: R - Rain
  • Week 16: N - Night in the Country
  • Week 17: M - Marshmallow
  • Week 18: U - Umbrella
  • Week 19: J - Jump Frog Jump
  • Week 20: K - Small Acts of Kindness
  • Week 21: V - Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin
  • Week 22: Y - Little Blue and Little Yellow
  • Week 23: W - George Washington's Birthday
  • Week 24: Q - The Quilt Story
  • Week 25: X - An Extraordinary Egg
  • Week 26: Z - Greedy Zebra
  • Week 27: Halloween
  • Week 28: Thanksgiving
  • Week 29: Christmas
  • Week 30: February Celebrations


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